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Things That Emasculate Men. See it, understand it, ignore it or walk away from it. Watch it deflate from a distance.


Following on from a post I wrote titled Ways that women emasculate men   I wanted to continue on with the important topic but this time really look deep inside ourselves and come up with a path forward to protect ourselves.  It is not only women that emasculate men.  There is also a social construct that promotes a separation of masculinity from men. Take a moment to compare your typical modern-day man to that of 100 years ago.  Back in 1918 men were being drafter to go to war, WW1.  I shudder to think what type of war we would have now if our 18-year-old men were drafted and had to put down the mobile phone long enough to go to war. Separation Of Men From All Male Role Models In the westernised cultures of 2018 it is extremely common for boys to grow up without even one male role model […]

The Unspoken Ways That Women Emasculate Men.


Welcome to another controversial post I have been working on for a long time now.  The topic for today is emasculation.  One of my readers asked me the question,  while sharing his story of divorce destruction.  Unfortunately, I hear very similar stories over and over again. First off, I want to address that niggling little thought that will soon jump into your head. Why should I believe you Remy? None of these things have ever happened to me Remy. I am different. Here is the response that you need to hear:  Your ego has clouded the truth from you.  External influences out of your control have been working away at you for your entire life to create such a response.  When was the last time that you willingly isolated yourself from all these external distractions (tv, social media, politics, radio, internet, books) and took a good hard look at YOUR […]