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What Is Divorce Rape? Who, Why & How? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

divorce rape

If you have asked What is divorce rape I can only squeamishly imagine your situation. Fear not, I have been there, so have many men but it is still a taboo. There is a bunch of truths that don’t get to see the light of day very often. There are multiple reasons for that but mostly it is because those perpetrators of divorce rape don’t want to be judged for their actions so hide them most members of the western society agree that prejudiced wealth transfer from men to women is a good thing the targets are left with no voice and no means of defense This is going to be a short article because it is not a subject that I want you to dwell on. At the end I will present the methodology I used to get through my divorce rape.   The following article is my attempt […]

How to get over divorce & Soldier On to something much better


Sorry to hear you have asked How to get over divorce? It is usually not the sort of question I would expect someone to ask google unless they are slap bang in the middle of it. I am going to lay down a handful of things that helped me, some physical/material things and a lot of more spiritual/psychological types of things. I am going to keep this post nice and short and to the point. In no particular Order. 1. The realization that divorced people make up the majority of adults now. As you start telling people you are going through divorce an amazing thing will happen to you. Two out of three people will relate to you story because they have been through it before. I even got quite a lot of men telling me about their second and third divorces. Stupid. 2. Letting Go My lawyer and other […]

5 Ways To Support Men Going Through Divorce

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As a man going through a divorce the one thing you will be floored by is the silence. For some reason there are a lot of taboos associated with the situation and the silence is deafening.  It will start with dramatic fighting against ex-wife monsters, lies and false allegations.  Then, (if you are lucky) people close to you will notice the female bias, the lies and the systemic corruption but soon after that will follow the silence.  A veil of secrecy goes up because everyone is afraid of speaking out against the relentless degradation of men.  In this article 5 ways to support men going through divorce I plan show you how you can join me in breaking down those walls of silence.   #1 – Share your stories The problem to be tackled here is isolation. The silence creates an invisible cage that no one wants to visit you […]

Life After Divorce For Men – Do you have an intended direction?

Divorce choices for men

As a man that has been thrust into the world of the divorce industry for years now I see a handful of directions that men after divorce natural are attracted to. Life after divorce for men is a topic very seldom publicly spoken about. When the topic does come up it is all too common for the man to be told things like you are just bitter that the relationship didn’t work, give is some time and you will find another woman and your life will be better for it you need to get laid you need to try harder, improve yourself, get a better job, buy a house – it will all work out you should have seen it coming, she was a witch but not all woman are like that, get over it I hope you can see the problems with these trends. Here are the five common […]

Divorce Help For Men. The Advice I Wish I Had When I Needed It.

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It wasn’t all that long ago that I typed these very words into Google “DIVORCE HELP FOR MEN”. The results were pitiful. At worst, I found myself on male bashing sites stereotyping all men as brute thugs obsessed with beating women at every opportunity. At best, I found myself on sites full of encouragement to sweep all my pain under the rug, “man up”, get back on the horse, jump back into another relationship, and with the help of another woman get my life back “on track”. Neither of these recovery strategies were palatable to me so I had to try something different. Tyler Durden would put it like this “We’re a generation of men raised by women. I’m wondering if another woman is really the answer we need.” If you are searching for help to get through your own disastrous divorce or separation, welcome to a safe place, my […]