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Soccer Moms: Children Need Kids Time, Not Scheduled Distractions

Time Constraints

What do I mean by kid’s time?  Children need time to be kids.  It sounds such a simple concept for those of us not trapped within the soccer mom or soccer dad bubble. Here is the thing. You ask most stay at home parents about the children extra-curricular activities (those organized repetitive activities like soccer, gymnastics, piano lessons, play centers etc.) and you will soon see that every waking moments seems to be filled up with structure. I really don’t understand the obsession.  Yes, it becomes an obsession once the sewing circles meet up at the local coffee shop (or book club) and start out doing each other. Spare time.  It shouldn’t be foreign to kids and it shouldn’t be removed from their childhoods. Back When I Was a Boy I love throwing out that phrase.  It used to really annoy the hell out of me when I was younger […]