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Covert Slavery

Western Cultures Produce Disposable Male Slave Worker Drones

disposable male

I have written here about men being expendable in a military type of scenario but I want to expand the conversation to the domestic scenario as well. The culture is degrading to a point where Men are Disposable. Disposable Male thinking has denigrated masculinity down to work drones or workhorses devoid of many rights.  Follow me in to see how western culture produce disposable male slaves.   Evolutionary Biology Humans have evolved through something like 40,000 generations since that huge asteroid hit earth killed the dinosaurs and allowed humans to become a dominant species. Until the last few hundreds years humans operated predominantly in tribes with set roles. The men hunted, the women nested and gathered. For the species to continue more women are needed than men. One man can quite easily impregnate several women but one woman with access to several men can still only have the one offspring. […]

Are men expendable? Its a very deep dark rabbit hole.

expendable men

Hi there. My life changed when I started joining together seemingly inane experiences which answered some big questions. Often questions I didn’t ask because I took the bait and lived deep in the world of fantasy that today’s culture has created for us. One of you more important questions I bet you have never even considered asking; Are men expendable? Are men disposable? What is male disposability? This is a disturbing topic I could only get my head around later on in life, after I had been unceremonious expelled from mainstream culture. The good news is that upon becoming a fringe dweller you can see things with an awesome clarity that the people inside the fog are completely oblivious to. These following concepts, by themselves, should not be new to you but they are very rarely put together into a context that explains the unspoken prejudice men experience yet do […]