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BluePrint Autonomy Orange Belt – The Armour That Shields You Also Blinds You

Welcome to what I call autonomy Orange Belt. If, you are new to the program please follow this link back to the introduction. Today we are going to take a very deep dive into the way your brain works and how your personality adapts to it. For some of you this may be relatively sensible but for quite a few of you some very foreign ideas are about to come your way. I have spent a lot of time on this introductory paragraph for those of you who struggle sit on the first analogy (about the coat of Armour), reflect on your self for a few days, or weeks, meditate & it will start to make more and more sense as you peel away the distractions. I want you to carry this analogy forward into this post. Context is key from now on. You are a human: that wasn’t so […]

BluePrint Autonomy Yellow Belt – Clouded Perception


The next step along our pathway to autonomy brings us to the topic of connection. Immediately you may be thinking of an emotional connection between two people but that is just the tip of the iceberg of what we are going to uncover here. THIS POST IS PART 3 OF A LONG SERIES OF POSTS – TO START AT THE BEGINNING CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE INTRODUCTION The start off today I want to discuss the separated means by which a child lives; by separated I mean the way in which they act exclusively on their own emotions and their immediate perception of the world around them. It is almost as if they live in their own little cocoon and everything else that is not them is supposed to serve them. A lot of people will put this down to them being  spoilt or selfish but I think that […]

Blueprint Autonomy: Overview, Introduction & Contents


Welcome a series of posts I am calling “Blueprint Autonomy.” The aim of these posts is to create a detailed sequence of activities that will lead you directly to a new state of independence/autonomy and also knock down all those invisible barriers holding you inside the fog. There is one thing that I aim to do here which is tried and tested yet rare in the modern era we live in. That is, pass down information from one generation to the next, learn from someone else s mistakes, challenge the status quo, and advance your life choices beyond those that your parents/elders made. If, you have had the pleasure of growing up with grandparents (and you had a good relationship with them) you will be one step ahead because you are at least familiar with some of these concepts. It really is a new phenomenon, the new global society has […]

Blueprint Autonomy Start Line [White Belt]


Welcome and congratulations on taking the first step towards an easier you.  Blueprint autonomy is a program I have developed to walk us down a path towards freedom, independence and autonomy from those things bringing us down. The first step is the most valuable and it will change life. There is a whole series of actions steps that follow on behind this one. I have categorized them to resemble the same colored belts that a martial artist would progress through towards their mastery of the sport. If you have trained in the martial arts before you will recognize how wrong my previously statement was – the mastery gained is of your mind and body. I want us to follow a similar path. If you haven’t trained in Martial Arts Mr Miagi has answers.   Premise to Step 1 – Distractions will lead you away from where you want to go. […]