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Autonomy Definition with context

autonomy definition

Welcome. So you have come in search of an Autonomy Definition. Nice. The sort of thing you are going to find in a dictionary website is this Autonomy: A state of being whereby one is devoid of all dependencies, completely self-sufficient – physically, mentally and spiritually. At least, they should say something like that. The ones I looked at were sub-par to say it nicely. Very quickly I want to add some context because it is a word that can be used in dozens of different ways. Modern Context of autonomy What immediately comes to mind is when I hear scientists and engineers talking about autonomous robots or cars. In this context it means machines that are operating completely by themselves and without the assistance of humans to make decisions for them. Ancient Context of autonomy Of course the concept of autonomy has been around for a lot longer than […]

Adults who never grow up. Princess Syndrome Symptoms


Princess syndrome may conjure up images for you of a spoilt litter tiara wearing 6 year old girl stomping her feet demanding all sorts of ridiculous things from over-compensating parents. Sadly though the Princess Syndrome Symptoms (sometimes more commonly referred to as Princess Bitchface syndrome or Princess sickness) if not dealt with early will follow a woman into her adulthood. Some people refer to it as Peter Pan Syndrome when men are involved but some also refer to it as Princess Syndrome when the subject is a female that will not grow up. If you are married to one of these ladies or if you are work out how to manage one follow me on a journey into their dark world. What is Princess Syndrome It is not a clinical term. It is more of a social term so the word syndrome probably shouldn’t even be used. There is a […]

How Does Moral Autonomy Differ From Personal Autonomy? Will either of them help you grow up?

A few of my more popular posts touch on the subject of autonomy and it appears to be a subject that raises eyebrows and invokes discussion.  In this article to want to break down the term and split it into moral autonomy and personal autonomy.  They are two subtly different concepts that can make a world of difference when helping you to either help yourself or your children. The first idea we need to understand is the difference between adult thinking and childish thinking (A concept introduced to me by Robert Bly).  Children see the world in black/white, good/evil, me/you with themselves being the center of the universe with everything and everyone revolving around them. Obviously not a philosophy that you can carry on into adulthood.  In adulthood (when done properly) the world become a sea of grey areas.  Good contains bad.  Actions influence outcomes and interconnection replaces a centralized […]

Peter Pan Syndrome In Women The Growing Trend

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Have you ever watched one of those Bridezilla shows and seen the spoiled little princess brides stomp their feet on the ground and demand ridiculous things?  I reckon this illustrates the worst of Peter Pan Syndrome in Women.  Grown adults that can’t bring themselves in line with the real 3 dimensional world (the one away from facebook or instagram. Do these people ever grow up? The common stereotype that jumps to mind when someone says Peter Pan Syndrome for most people would be a 20 something year old man sitting in a bean bag playing first person shooter video games all night. Believe it or not but the Peter Pan Syndrome is not only isolated to men; like most things I write about once you scratch the surface a seedy underbelly presents itself. Having dealt with raising my kids through their terrible twos and also having to deal with my […]

Is Initiation the lost path to Getting Rid of Emotional Baggage?

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Until recently I would have said the same thing about initiation. What has getting rid of emotional baggage got to do with African Tribe and Witch Doctors and stuff? Well, as with all things in life, if you take the time to scratch the surface, tremendous lessons can be learnt.  We are all looking for a way of getting rid of emotional baggage, is initiation the way people have done it for a thousand of years without knowing it. This is the case when it comes to initiation. After you read this article if hope you can build the hindsight I have to look back in time and wonder how you could have ever missed it, thousands of years of tradition; forgotten and written off as irrelevant. My new opinion is that these sorts of traditions and rituals span a thousand years because they work. What other reason could you […]

Some people never grow up? aka Peter Pan Syndrome

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I hear it all the time, “My, husband is an idiot! Some people never grow up.” So the question is – Do some people never grow up? Is Peter Pan syndrome a real thing? It never used to be a thing, my grand-dad would scoff at the idea of a grown man (or woman) acting irresponsibly or carelessly and thinking it was OK. Let’s take a closer look. I suspect this topic is going to raise a lot of eyebrows and there is a lot more to it once we scratch the surface. Three questions I have straight off the bat are: What makes everyone think this trend is confined to men only? Who determines, or what happens when someone is grown up? or an adult? Does being an adult have to be all doom and gloom? First up I think we need to explore what attributes best define adulthood. […]