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Absent Father Syndrome

Forgotten Victims & Parental Alienation Syndrome?

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Howdy. My kids have been showing signs of parental alienation syndrome since way back before I split up with my ex. She was distorting their minds years before the split but now that the divorce is over and now that the kids are old enough to see things for themselves what effect has it all had on them? Join me for a quick delve into another topic which “they” don’t want you to talk about or think about. Important note: I am not a medical practitioner. If you believe you or your kids need psychiatric help don’t hesitate, see your GP and share your pain. Do not waste a minute worrying about the reactions of others.   What is Parental Alienation syndrome in kids? Here is a quote from Wikipedia that I believe sets the correct context for my post. So the key thing to remember now is the PAS […]

The Importance of a Fathers Education – To Children & To the Great Family Unit

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Hi there. I am going to address a seemingly innocuous subject this morning. The importance of a fathers’ education on surface value appears to be quite a mild issue but you will see as I unpack it the layers get more and more critical as we get deeper into it. Over the past 50 years or so more and more children are being raised without a father in the household. This has been a systemic shift and in my opinion it has been purposely engineered that way (but that is a topic for another day). What are the impacts of children being raised without fathers’? Are there any impacts? Unfortunately these are questions that I seldom hear being asked. Everyone’s focus is 100% gleamed in on the single mother’s victim hood and the children’s experience becomes jaded by the focus. Wouldn’t it be nice if some of that focus was […]

Understanding The Effects of Growing Up Without A Father

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Welcome to yet one of my more inspired posts. Today the subject at hand is the effects of growing up without a father.  Whilst a lot of the primary effects should be fairly obvious the plan is to dig deeper into the secondary and tertiary effects, the ones that are not obvious. I want to split up the conversation into two sections going forward Effects on boys Effects on girls Whilst these are all complicated and interconnected topics it pays off to also respect the differences between them. If you still believe boys and girls are the same you are about 6 months of posts behind the eight ball here.   Effects on Boys Growing Up without a Father. In most cases the scenario I am contemplating here is children growing up with an absent father. It may be directly removed from their lives through restraining orders or indirectly by threats shame […]