Blueprint Autonomy: Overview, Introduction & Contents


Welcome a series of posts I am calling “Blueprint Autonomy.” The aim of these posts is to create a detailed sequence of activities that will lead you directly to a new state of independence/autonomy and also knock down all those invisible barriers holding you inside the fog.

There is one thing that I aim to do here which is tried and tested yet rare in the modern era we live in. That is, pass down information from one generation to the next, learn from someone else s mistakes, challenge the status quo, and advance your life choices beyond those that your parents/elders made.

If, you have had the pleasure of growing up with grandparents (and you had a good relationship with them) you will be one step ahead because you are at least familiar with some of these concepts. It really is a new phenomenon, the new global society has also produced multiple generations of single parent families, 20 and 30 something year old teenagers & entire social groups devoid of any grasp on reality.

Whilst the reoccurring theme through this series is autonomy that means very different things to different people so I will take a middle path approach (the most good for the most people). If, you find this approach too hard or too soft that is a good thing; it means that you are already one step towards walking your own path. Keep up the momentum and carry on.

autonomy helpI have chosen to use the framework of a Martial Arts grading system. If, you have never stepped foot into a Martial Arts School don’t worry, it is just an analogy we are going to use for the stepping stones along our pathway.

I dedicate the rest of this article to an overview of the entire pathway. I want you to really focus on the progression from one set of skills to the next and spend a few moments to reflect on the following questions:

  • Have my elders taught me the skills I need to fulfill a life worthy of love, respect & happiness?
  • Am I repeating the mistakes of my parents or elders? Why?
  • Do I need a mentor?
  • Are my every day actions mainly focused on emotions, for the benefit of others and aligned with my long term goals?

Let’s blaze the pathway together shall we.

Blueprint Autonomy Summary:

  1. White BeltBlueprint Autonomy Start Line
    • On the path to our first stepping stone we make a soft start. The aim here is to identify then tune our the distractions, slow down and stop looking outside for strength: you have more untapped strength inside than the outside world could ever give you.
  2. Yellow Belt – All natural life needs to be a balance of contrasts. The dichotomy of everything vs its opposite.
    • Those of you who are open enough to see it can see the world as an eternal balance of compromises between opposites. Kill or be killed. Control or be controlled. Happy or Sad. Good vs Evil. Black & White is only a thing for self-centred children but to grow beyond childhood we need to understand that every choice we make is a balancing act (between something and its opposite) then you can start to see the world as something bigger than yourself.
  3. Orange Belt – You are a social construct made up of your perceptions and memories of an external world largely beyond your influence
    • Site, Sound, Taste, Touch & Smell are the only inputs that you have in which to build up your entire concept of life. From these experiences and from your perception of them your idea of yourself is largely influenced by your tendency to follow perceptions without question. This is prime real estate for those around you who use manipulation as their form of interaction with you. Quite often people get stuck inside a negative perception of their world and annul their immediate senses. Simple concepts but dire implications.
  4. autonomy awarenessGreen Belt – Identifying your paradigms. New opportunity & dealing with SHAME.
    • Whilst all the previous steps have really focused on unpacking your problems green belt make the first step towards repacking something new into your empty shell. For me I find this step is the most powerful & most life-changing.
  5. Blue Belt – Replacing your paradigms or retracing your steps if they were shattered for you.
    • Seeing the outside world in a new light
    • identifying the differences between looters, moochers, service providers & producers. (idealism vs pragmatism)
    • Building a new vision of your past
  6. Purple Belt – Building Physical Aptitude
    • ancient rituals of initiation for thousands of years have all started with tests of boys physical skills. There is good reason for that. With mastery of your physicality comes discipline, consequences & most importantly self-respect.
  7. Brown Belt – Building Mental & Spiritual Resilience
    • Resilience is a key attribute to staying on the path. You will never reach your goals (no matter how far you have come) if you can’t deal with the inevitable potholes that are going to appear our of nowhere.
    • Mental strength is necessary
    • An introduction to a universe much bigger than yourself was often used to build resilience. We will do the same and use the similar techniques to those use for eons.
  8. Red Belt – Construct a Path of Your Own: Selfishness vs Self sacrifice
    • You have now reached a point in the path where it is time to take up the reins for yourself. Set your own direction and Stand on your own two feet.
  9. autonomy pathwayBlack Belt – Perils of Financial Servitude, Social Hierarchy, Government Serfdom & Job slavery
    • As a final lesson we deep dive into the common areas that can lead you away from autonomy.
    • Understanding financial systems will give you back control of your financial aspirations
    • Understanding social systems give you back control of your relationships
    • Understanding government will give you a big picture view of those who want to remove your autonomy
    • Understanding modern day employment and work expectations will give you choices that others will never consider possible.

If, you got this far you are ready to make the first step.




2 Replies to “Blueprint Autonomy: Overview, Introduction & Contents”

  1. I’m a Huge fan of your work and your experienced meditative writings, such beautiful neat ponderable scenarios.
    I’ve read many articles in your site, I’ll be on track to your every update on these belts!, also I’ve Followed your twitter account and added you on facebook. hope seeing more of your work. Respect. & Good Luck!

    1. You are welcome momen.
      If you have a particular topic let me know. I am working on something very interesting at the minute which is an extension to my social hierarchy series. Tournament species vs pair bonding! I don’t know how well it will be received but I am enjoying writing it and learning a lot.
      Unfortunately ongoing legal action has pulled me away from the writing desk for the last few months.

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