Best Gifts for DAD: 2018 Birthday Gift, Christmas Gift, Retirement Gift, You name it – This will work.

As we close out the year of 2018 you ask me what is the best gift for Dad? I am asking myself the same question and I want to make the most of a good opportunity to let’s work together to put a smile on Dads dial.

How well does he know what he wants?

There was a time many moons ago when dad and I were both married and from what I could see he was all work, work, work, and work. Probably the same for me too. Fast forward a decade or two and we both find ourselves not married and work has become a very distant second to family & leisure time. Go figure.

What I think I am trying to get at here is that what you see on the surface is very seldom what lies beneath. External influences play a large part in shaping his behaviour and some of the best presents I have bought for my dad were the one’s he said he didn’t want. He may have even thought (on the surface at least) that he didn’t want them. A few weeks later though that wheelbarrow found it’s way into prime position within the shed and became invaluable.

If you want take a keen eye on what he buys for himself.

Shake the tree! Relationship growth won’t come from replication?

I know that is a bit of a strange heading but what I am getting at is that if you follow the masses and stay safe within your comfort zone of typical actions (repeated, boring & vanilla) you will never move beyond the point you find yourself in today. Take a risk and try something different. Even if the gift itself gets discarded you have forged a pathway for future change. A pathway that allows for change. Change doesn’t have to be bad, change can be novelty and novelty can be the spark you need to reconnect with Dad.

Posthumous regret is something I hope you never had to experience.

What am I buying for my Dad?

My dad is past the 70-year-old mark now so new baseball cleats & glove are well and truly out of the question 🙂

The two constants that I know will be winners are family and freedom. He relishes time with the grand kids and he doesn’t like anyone telling him what to do or how to think. I am going to go with the family theme because it is a lot easier to capture in material form.

I had this grand idea of getting a hologram made up of the grand kids similar to the one we saw in the Star Wars movie (where Princess Leia gets a holographic message to R2D2). Unfortunately back in reality technology has not caught up with the 80s yet. Dammit.

Alas, the closest thing I could find is a laser engraved glass block and back light. If it is dark enough and I drink enough whiskey I think this is going to be bang on what I wanted.

Having a customised image I can’t imagine how this gift can’t be a winner for you too. What I did was went with the cube big enough for three images, then start the search through my photo archives (aka Facebook) to find an appropriate and meaningful picture that has quality memories attached to it.

SIDE NOTE: If your family commemorates those members who can no longer be with you (some have passed on, some have been separated from us through divorce or other through the all too typical family squabbles) this is also a brilliant option. How nice would it to be also have your late grand dad on the mantle piece next to the grand kids immortalized in crystal?

For me it the back light that really brings this cube to life. Turn the light down and let the image light up internally to bring the 3d image into full life. It is the nearest thing you will find to a hologram without having to spend a small fortune or revolutionize the science industry yourself.

What should you buy for your Dad?

If you like the theme I am going for but you can’t quite find the cash to spring for the full size cube there are smaller cubes designed for smaller images, or here is a cheaper option that I feel will provide a different but still meaningful gift.

Believe it or not t his is a personalized photograph of your choice etched into crystal complete with a clock. It instantly reminds me of all the times I found myself sitting around waiting for dad to arrive. Is you dad a bad gauge of time too?

The clock above will make a brilliant keepsake for him and a constant reminder each and every morning as your dad wakes up, glances over to see the time then decides to snatch another ten minutes of sleep. Hopefully it may even motivate him to climb out of bed on time and conquer the day.

In closing, thanks for spending a moment with me and sharing a thought or two about your dad. I sincerely hope you can gift to you dad all those unspoken wishes and things that you us by each day. I have found my perfect gift, good luck in your search, please don’t forget to drop back by and share your gift ideas below.

6 Replies to “Best Gifts for DAD: 2018 Birthday Gift, Christmas Gift, Retirement Gift, You name it – This will work.”

  1. I absolutely love the personalized glass mantel.  My dad just moved into a assisted living facility and he pretty much doesn’t need anything.  Some personal touches probably more than anything.  I think this is going to make a great gift for him and I am thinking that he is going to love it!  Wonderful idea.  Do you know how long it takes for one to be made?  He lives in Alaska, so I have think about the amount of time it takes for him to get something.  

    1. Cheers MM and thanks for sharing your thoughts.  The cube usually ships within 2-3 days and there is also an expedited shipping option if time is a factor.  Sorry I can’t predict how long it will take to get to Alaska but I can say that Amazon has the best shipping partners in the game so you will be in very good hands.  

      Alaska is a huge place, I have always wanted to go, especially to the more remote areas with the bears.

      Have a good day and be careful out there.

  2. I honestly think that this article is very helpful and in some case, emotional. My dad is 60 year old and I think that he really deserve one special gift from. You have given me great idea and I know that desk clock will surprise him a lot. I will order it right now, Christmas is behind the corner.

    1. Welcome Daniel.  If he is 60 he must still be a spring chicken 🙂  Maybe the baseball glove is still an option mate.  If all else fails the desk clock will work out for you.  Have a good holiday and Merry Christmas.  Stay safe.

  3. What wonderful ideas you shared, I made my decision very easy. My father is very hard to please when it’s about presents. He never wants a present, and when he gets one, he doesn’t seem to be happy. I think, this year,  the desk clock is the present which I choose for him.

    Thank you for an informative article.

    1. Some Dads are just stuck in the whole cycle of feeling like they shouldn’t show emotions.  Probably more of a sign of his surroundings than of him.  I know my dad was like that back in the days that he was married and miserable.  

      Now that he is single & retired he has less contact with that stuff and a lot more freedom. Happiness follows.

      Don’t be afraid to take some risks when buying gifts.

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