Best Birthday Gifts for Dad: Survey results are in.

best birthday gifts for dad

Hi there. Thanks for clicking onto my post here titled “Birthday Gifts for Dad.” Our site is all about fatherhood and children s interactions with dad so it stands to reason that we spend a moment to ponder on topic of what is the best birthday gift to show dad how much you really care.

I have asked around and surveyed my readers to come up with one idea which I am buying for my dad. The plan here is to take all the boring research off the table for you and leave you with the best part (Personalizing the gift to illustrate your true feelings).

First up I need to share with you hands down the feedback I got during the survey. Top three mistakes you can make when buying dad his birthday gift.

Have a quick skim through to start off with before jumping to the end for my top pick and you will see one thing jump out at you. We have all make these three mistakes and they are stupidly obviously wrong. I hope now that they are in print your the next time you shop for a birthday gift the memory will be jogged prompting you/us not to do it again.

Thanks for everyone who returned the survey.

#1 Birthday Gift Mistake- Too much expense

We are going to start off with the least obvious first. Too expensive? Yep, that’s right. Dads are evidently modest creatures who don’t like a fuss and don’t like overtly expensive gifts lavished on them. I have got  theories as to why but I will keep the focus on the gift for now.

The key thing here is the complete contrast between buying gifts for mum and dad. One on hand you have a no brainer jewellery, diamonds, gold and silver can never fail but flip the gift giving to dad and you will not get the same reaction.

Naturally you can go too far the other way and not spend enough money. I would suggest in this case that thoughtful gifts and personal connection trumps everything else. I have two kids of my own and hands down the best gifts I have ever received were hand painted or hand drawn by my kids and they didn’t cost them a dime.

#2 Birthday Gift Mistake- Impersonal, Generic and Forgettable

Of course the right gift is all about the message behind it. Looking back I would tell when my relationships were in trouble when I started receiving bad gifts. Nowadays gifts like socks & jocks scream out to me red flag, red flag. If you are getting the same gift from a work secret Santa thing as you do from your wife/husband you should be thinking long and hard about what the underlying problems are. Another post, another day.

Please don’t make this take. I can only assume that by taking the time to read this post you have already made the commitment to yourself and to you dad to get it right this time, knock it out of the park and rekindle that personal connection with your dad.

#3 Birthday Gift Mistake- Gifts that create more work for him

If you take one thing away from this post I want you to remember this one. The overwhelming biggest mistake that people make when buying gifts for their dads (or men in their lives in general) is to buy them things like power tools; things that immediately scream out to them “Here is a bunch of new chores that you can now do.”

child gifts for dadHere are a few examples which came up more than once in the survey results

  • brush cutter
  • leaf flower
  • electric drill
  • car cleaning kits
  • beard grooming kits (take the hint dad)
  • pruning shears and tree saws

One the surface these may seem like reasonable gifts but the rubber hits the road next weekend when dad is expected to put them to “good use” and the comments come out such as “don’t you like your new gift, show us how they work.”

These are surefire ways to get dad off side, he won’t show it but lying under the surface he will be fantasizing about a time when he can put his feet up, lie in a hammock and enjoy hands down the peace and quiet.

Dad’s life is already full to the brim of chores and things that need to be done. Please don’t add to his burden. If you can take this lesson and flip it on its head you are bound to be onto a winner. No I am not going to suggest you buy him a hammock.

My Pick for Best Birthday Gifts for Dad > Personalized, Photo Engraved Dog Tags for Dad

So I searched for a safe middle ground that lies between the three mine fields listed above. Here is what I came up with. Personalized photo engraved Dog Tags.

At first, I wasn’t immediately sold either, stick with me and let me explain hands down the more.

First up these things won’t break the bank so you can safely sail past the first red flag. Secondly your reaction has much proven that these dog tags are unique and won’t be forgotten, can’t be impersonal and definitely can’t be repeated by multiple people. So we come to the last red flag – Work creation.

Personally I think this gift provide the best compromise and ticks all the boxes. What I really like is that you have gifted dad with the concept that you do not need him to “Do” anything with his new gift. He can just enjoy it and reflect on what it means. No work required. He can keep the photo of you close to him and still consider it as something a bit more practical than a plaque on the night stand.  What you may find is that it will challenge his idea of normal. That is a good thing.

2 Replies to “Best Birthday Gifts for Dad: Survey results are in.”

  1. Hello

    Nice article on Gifts for Dads. In general Men are not too picky about the gifts they get. For me Christmas is all about Family and we generally buy gifts for our grandchildren. One of them gave me a gift back which was very  touching on his part. Don’t know what it is will open it on Christmas Day. I like the final idea of the photo tag as it is personal and very relevant for touching any Dad’s heart. Season Greetings and Cheers.

    1. thanks Jake.  I hope you also take a moment out this Christmas to think about yourself, quite often men can get all too caught up in giving and sacrificing for their family and forget that there is a person within as well who also needs some care and attention.

      Merry Xmas.

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