Autonomy Definition with context

Welcome. So you have come in search of an Autonomy Definition. Nice. The sort of thing you are going to find in a dictionary website is this

Autonomy: A state of being whereby one is devoid of all dependencies, completely self-sufficient – physically, mentally and spiritually.

At least, they should say something like that. The ones I looked at were sub-par to say it nicely.

Very quickly I want to add some context because it is a word that can be used in dozens of different ways.

autonomy definitionModern Context of autonomy

What immediately comes to mind is when I hear scientists and engineers talking about autonomous robots or cars. In this context it means machines that are operating completely by themselves and without the assistance of humans to make decisions for them.

Ancient Context of autonomy

Of course the concept of autonomy has been around for a lot longer than self drive cars. A thousand years ago people strove to remain alive and success in life was measured by the amount of food in your belly, how warm you were last night and you chance of living through the night tonight. In that context autonomy was defined as your ability to fend for yourself, obtain nourishment and sustenance from the world around you. Blueprint Autonomy context

Two very different contexts were explained above. Same word with bizarrely different surroundings right. Here on my website I refer to autonomy a lot as a goal which is worth trying to achieve so it only seems fit to add some context of my own.

autonomy freedomHere is a quick list of the things I believe your autonomy should include:

  • financial freedom (pay your own way)
  • emotional freedom
  • free from the constraints of your own self-imposed restrictions
  • assertiveness, resilience, self-worth & awareness
  • decisiveness
  • fluidity
  • not caring what other people think or feel about your or your beliefs

Now, a few things that autonomy definitely does not include:

  • any and all government handouts (including welfare and pensions)
  • alcohol dependencies
  • drug addictions
  • paradigms
  • restrictive belief systems
  • narcissistic or solipsistic behavior traits
  • fear of change
  • dependence on others (including relationships/children)
  • wage slavery

Hopefully that will give you enough to think about for now.

Check out more about my action series called Blueprint Autonomy here.





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  1. Hey there 😉
    I have to say, this is very infromative and interesting article 😉 You did a great job explaining what autonomy means, and on top of that, You have also managed to decribe different meanings and contexts of using anatomy in a very userf-friendly, short and informative way.

    Also, I really appreciate the fact that You introduced me to some back-history of this word and how it has changed in comparison to today’s meaning.
    Keep up the good work 😉

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