Are You A Feminist By Virtue That There Is No Alternative? Accidental Activist.

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It’s Valentines day today and the world have gone insane. I need to let go of a conversation I had today and get rid of it. Men all over the planet today are spending hard-earned money on their wives and girlfriends and when you ask them why at best they can only respond with a shrug of the shoulders as if to say “Ï just do what I’m told”. Are you a feminist by your actions without even really making the conscious decision. That was my question to these mindless sheeple.

Minority Control Is Not Cute If the Minority Figures Are Not Cute

Whilst only a very small percentage of the population claim to be feminists (less than 10% from the last census data I saw) the few that there is, seem to control the media, the legislature, the politicians and most of the mainstream.

I really don’t get it.

I can accept that there is a biological and evolutionary urge for men to reproduce and pass on their genetic material which is a process that needs a woman. There also a man’s sex drive (which is the biological mechanism forcing him to reproduce) between the ages of about 15 and 40 which is not easily tamed to consider.

That just doesn’t seem to be enough to convince me. The natural instincts for large majorities of people to blindly follow each other without question is baffling.


For the Men Who White Knight: Stop It.

white knightWhite Knighting is a behavior that western, modernized and feminized men have defaulted to. Men always protected women back in the day when they needed it but today they get protection when they don’t need it and a lot more.

By protection I also mean violence by proxy. Lots of men are out there fighting each other just for the sake of giving a woman her instantaneous hit of emotional gratification. I am sure it would feel great if you had big strong men are your disposal willing to crush each others skulls for your entertainment but the cost never gets considered.

Yes, there is a cost. Entire generations of people are being wrapped in cotton wool and never get to experience life with all of its ups and downs. Without the bad times, good times are nowhere near as good. Without the hard work achievement will never really be felt in your heart.

If you are struggling with context Have a read of my article on male disposability.

For the Women Who Remain Silent: You Are As Bad As They Are

I see generalized acts of shame and acts of ridicule towards men every day but the atrocity of the act is trumped by the silence that follows. Homeless men line the streets in the city I live; they are largely ignored. I don’t see any homeless women; that would never be allowed.

I see mostly cherry picking from the bulk of the community when it comes to feminism. The people pick the beneficial parts for their situation and ignore the pointy thorns.

Here is one classic example: Uber taxi’s have introduced a female only service, the women who told me about it think it’s a great idea to separate the genders and provide professional service exclusive to one gender only. In this case the women can drive cars, creates job for the girls and provide their passengers with the sense of safety they perceive they need. Win win right. I have got no problem with that as such but it is when you expand the concept that you come up with the double standards at play. So I ask them if they would be happy with male electricians, carpenters and plumbers to start provided services exclusive only to men. There is a lot of men intimidated by women these days and I don’t see how it is any different to the female only uber service. The women strongly objected to such a proposition. At first, they didn’t even know why but when we unpacked their thoughts a bit more it became clear to me. As a collective group women need their types of services but are not prepared to do them for themselves. Can you image jobs like sewerage workers becoming female dominated industries. I will eat my hat when that sh1t happens.

The result of all this cherry picking is grown adults devoid of any sense of responsibility or autonomy.
For a related article which goes into this concept to greater depth click here.

All the constant white knighting just props up the grown children pretending to be adults and makes them feel validated.


The Backlash Has Begun

resistance growthMen have been fighting against feminism since it began. Let’s be blunt, their efforts to date have been ignored at best and more often ridiculed.

Degradation of everyone moral standards and living conditions has a way of bringing back the natural state. More women are starting to stand up against the most radical feminists.

The backlash is showing up in marriage rates and in birth rates. Relationships are not progressing to marriage or children. I don’t know if this is conscious or sub-conscious but the ramifications are not to be ignored.

So what are the ramifications to men. A digital nomad culture is growing and more men are freeing themselves from cultural constraints and work constraints. This means a civilization with less obedient worker drone men to do everyone else’s dirty work.

Then we come to the ramification for women. Independence, jobs, property, careers and sexual freedom has come at a high price; their biological urge to become a mother is unfulfilled. Women are being enslaved into a taxation system just the same way men have been forever.


Feminists Are Ignorant Pawns In A Much Larger Control Matrix

economic system of controlThere is an economic system at play here that masterfully manipulates even the best feminist manipulators. The bulk of the western countries operate under a Keynesian economic system which thrives when turmoil within the country is at its peak. The money mongers don’t care where the turmoil comes from or the ramifications it will bring. This century it is feminism, last century it was Adolf Hitler’s Race Cleansing before that the Religious wars and so on. It thrives because it is an artificial system which rewards debt and requires money to be constantly flowing around in circles to keep it afloat.

The bigger elephant in the room is the flow of international oil money.


How Does All This Content Relate To Your Everyday Life?

Knowledge and education are the first steps to your recovery. I found is very useful to first try to understand female nature but then it led to me the flaws in society and ultimately to the lessons that history can provide.

History is being suppressed to most people so that you can stay within this constant state of turmoil that benefits the economic system the most.

The internet has provided a great way of communicating information over the last ten years but recent censorship moves indicate that the age of free flow of information will come to an end.

Do yourself a favour and don’t accept the everyday actions you see in front of you as normal. Very seldom does anyone stop and think about the drivers of their actions anymore (Facebook told me, I saw it on twitter).

The scary thing is though that the gates have been opened and female nature for the first time in history is now on show for everyone to see and for all men to collaborate on. Governments will fall, economic systems will get replaced but human biology will take a hell of a lot longer to change.

I struggle to see how technology can solve this one. Start your own revolution and the sheeple will follow.


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