Are Most Women Gold Diggers. Would a Rose by any other name smell as sweet?

gold digger

I am really looking forward to exploring this question with you. Are most women gold diggers?

Of course the question reveals a lot about the person asking it.

Surprisingly the types of men asking this question are not bitter old divorcees but young men still in the dating pool;  jaded by what else they see swimming around the dating pool.

If, you asked me this question during my divorce proceedings, I think you would have been met with a shower of verbal profanities (on a good day). A few years later and you will only get that reaction if I think you are worthy of my energy.

To fully understand the answer first we need to understand a little bit about nature.

Nesting is not Gold Digging

Nesting is the instinct that all women get to surround themselves with a warm, safe and secure home to provide the best opportunity to raise their offspring.

Unless you have seen it (from close quarters) and lived it yourself no man would ever understand the extent to which a woman’s biology urges her to nest, especially during pregnancy.nesting woman - gold digger

Nesting is somewhat subconscious but it is evident when you see it forward someone primal comes over these women and resources need to be hoarded at all costs. Good judgment is exchanged for goods. Future longevity is exchanged for short term gain. Lie, manipulation and everything is exchanged for comfort, abundance and stores full of resources.

Back in the hunter-gatherer day these stores of resources were required for hard times (long snowy winters, drought, famine etc) so this nesting instinct became intertwined into the human condition and part of the female DNA.

Yes men have their equivalent hangovers. I have explored the topic of evolution biology more in the linked article.

These biological traits are leftovers from hunter-gatherer days. My opinion is that nesting is no longer a life or death matter of survival. Technology is moving about a million times faster than our evolution biology so we are going to have to learn to live with hindrance of unnecessary biological urges and acknowledge them for what they are.

Gold Digging is a conscious act of exploitation

Unlike nesting gold digging it a purposeful and conscious act. If you take the extremely optimist view on the topic is could be nothing more than a case of capitalizing on the situation but on the other hand the pessimists will see it as a cold calculated premeditated attack on someone character for material gain. Where do you stand, leave a comment below.

gold digger with banknoteThe most popular stereotype associated with the gold digger is a young woman who married an older man (a wealthy man) and carries on a fake romance in return for the material or social benefits coming from the relationship. One key outcome of the relationship for the gold digger is the mandatory divorce or death payout as soon as possible.

Here is a short list of some women who have made either their wealth or their fame by successful gold digging:

  • Elin Nordegren
  • Ivana Trump
  • Amy Irving
  • Anna Nicole Smith
  • Heather Mills
  • Kimora Lee Simmons
  • Rachel Hunter
  • Empress Theodora.

The difference between Nesting and Gold Digging?

‘This is where the rubber really hits the road. Nesting (albeit unconscious) strives to make better babies. Gold digging strives to benefit just the one recipient at the expense of another (and its pathway actually erodes mankind).

I guess you could probably argue that gold digging is the modern way for (genetically insufficient) women at risk of not having babies to claw out their little piece of the pie without having to placate to the rules of evolutionary biology.

people inside peopleDon’t get me started on the implications of IVF for women without partners. Did you know a woman can get herself declared “socially infertile”. That means not capable of operating within society’s convention but she can still have a baby.

The worst of the Gold diggers should be hung, drawn and quartered in some sort of public lynching to warn the rest of them.


Hypergamy is nesting on steroids. It is that little aspect of female nature whereby they are always on the lookout for a better man; someone with more social status, more money and a better genetic makeup. From purely a survival basis this was developed so that a woman could continue on living with a new man the minute her husband gets eaten by a mammoth. You don’t tend to hear much of that going on anymore (the mammoth thing) but hypergamy is rife.


Over-inflated Fairytales, Social Conditioning& Princess Syndromes

Leading on the topic of hypergamy social conditioning seems to have taken over where survival once stood. Now that we no longer need to be on top of our game just to survive society has invented a set of rules and conditions whereby the better conformists and followers get rewarded whilst fringe dwellers get shunned and shamed into non-existence.

Without going into too much detail on the exact nature of all this social condition (go to link above in the heading if you do want the detail) the end result is very elegantly surmised into a race to the bottom. e.g. the dumber people and more promiscuous/fertile people tend to be propagating the human species. Meanwhile, the intellectuals, leaders and renegades are all being shamed, male-bashed and #metoo’d into exile. Is that a word?

Government Enablement, Materialism, Money & Power Trips

dollar-bill-illuminatiThere has been major structural changes to western societies and western cultures over the past 3 or 4 generations that have handed a lot of ammunition to the gold diggers. No fault divorce means all the actions, emotions and inputs to a marriage are taken off the table when it comes to financial negotiations or child custody negotiations during divorce.

Cultural changes and attitude changes have made gold digging a mainstream sport, career choice for lower class women and somewhat of a badge of honor to a group of depraved people.

Of course the worship of money provides the motive. Governments and capitalism has been working hard with the marketing, consumer goods and industrialists for generations to foster such a culture hell-bent of exchanging money or materials for morality at all costs.

A big chunk of the GDP is made up of something referred to as a “transfer of wealth – to women, during their middle ages”.  What mechanisms do you think are in place to accommodate and instigate that transfer of wealth?  Divorce? No fault divorce?

Source of this information is: Wealth Transfer to women site click here

Do you need to protect yourself from Gold diggers?

But what does it all mean Remy?

At the end of the day it is only those men who blindly follow a woman’s lead, do what they are told and don’t know how to stand up for themselves that have got any skin in the game.  If you have spent much time reading this blog at all you already know that I am not an advocate of dating you typical mainstream group thinker type of woman. The likelihood of being stripped of your life savings by one of these gold diggers is just far too great to risk.

Educate yourself, protect yourself but most importantly enjoy yourself.  Forewarned is Forearmed.  I will leave you will a brilliant video clip on the subject by modern day philosopher Bill Burr.


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  1. He doesn’t have a house, has low income and drives a piece of junk car. He is worthless and not worthy of my loveI I refuse to even talk with him.

    Reality – She is a materialistic form of gold digger.

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