Are men expendable? Its a very deep dark rabbit hole.

expendable men

Hi there. My life changed when I started joining together seemingly inane experiences which answered some big questions. Often questions I didn’t ask because I took the bait and lived deep in the world of fantasy that today’s culture has created for us. One of you more important questions I bet you have never even considered asking; Are men expendable? Are men disposable? What is male disposability?

This is a disturbing topic I could only get my head around later on in life, after I had been unceremonious expelled from mainstream culture. The good news is that upon becoming a fringe dweller you can see things with an awesome clarity that the people inside the fog are completely oblivious to. These following concepts, by themselves, should not be new to you but they are very rarely put together into a context that explains the unspoken prejudice men experience yet do not see or feel.

If you live in the fog of mainstream culture please try to open up your mind to what you already know.

Survival of the species

We need to start this exploration we back at the start.

Whether you believe in creation or evolution there are some biological constants about humans that can’t be argued.

  • Both men and women have a built-in almost animal like drive to breed and leave a genetic legacy of themselves
  • male disposabiiltywomen have children and men cannot
  • women can only have one child at a time
  • pregnancy is 9 months long and then the baby is born and it is very much dependent on others to care for it until maturity
  • women’s bodies are distinctly designed to breast feed the children
  • there is a natural bond between the child and female that the father does not have
  • human children take a very long time to mature and need a lot of caring for
  • a woman’s fertility period in her life has a finite start and a finite end and diminishes with age
    a man fertility window is a lot longer than his female counterparts
  • men typically make the determination younger healthier women are more fertile women and therefore better placed to bare their children
  • this is one of the few areas in life where technology and science has very little influence (when it does controversy follows quickly)


Hunter Gatherer Society

Over the thousands of years (yes even before I was young!) these biological constants very much shaped the type of society that human’s formed.

The women formed a group of carers who would gather the required resources needed to stay put and care for the children they gave birth to. They would raise the children in groups and spend all day everyday trying to give their kids the mere basics needed to survive to the next day (food, water, shelter).

The men ventured beyond the camp and worked to understand the landscape and the animals to hunt for protein and bring back to camp the sustenance required to get through the day. Big risks were taken to meet the goals and success was measured by what they brought back to camp at night.

Fast forward to the year 2017 and technology has stepped in to make life a breeze (comparatively). The day to day worries of basic food, water, shelter has gone for most of us and abundance is very much the norm. In fact over-abundance has become expected.

Having said that there are still lots of remnants of this hunter-gatherer society still here that won’t go away.

Trial Scenario One – 1 man left with 20 women

Now here is evolution in practice.

Imagine a tribe compiles of just 1 man and 20 women. In the context of creating offspring and therefore survival of the tribe he could quite happily (for him) get all 20 women pregnant and give them all multiple babies each. The tribe continues on, there probably be some melodrama but the next generation will live on.

Tribe Scenario Two – 1 women left with 20 men

In the next scenario imagine it the other way around. A tribe consists of 20 men all competing to get the one woman pregnant to him. This scenario will spell out certain death to the tribe. Even if the men don’t kill each other trying to get her attention she cannot create enough children to provide the required genetic diversity for a tribe to continue.

It was right here when the penny dropped for me. Sorry gents but biology is what it is.

Natural Gender Preference

Just in case you missed the penny drop here is the low down.

Evolution dictates that for the survival of the species women must be spared above men.

Sidenote: I struggle to see the importance of monogamy, If anyone can explain that to me you deserve a cigar. Leave you comment below.


How is all this relevant to the culture of today?

Like it or not these points have a significant impact on your life today.

I will be blunt, here we go.

  • From a pure numbers point of view the population is made up of more women than men.
  • During war times men are routinely sent to war and almost become disposable
  • During peace time men perform all the dangerous jobs and when they die they pause, pay him tribute, then send the next man in to pick up where he left off.
  • Generally a mans success in life is still based on taking risks (asking a woman out, risky job, risky investments, competing with all other men)
  • Women love to jump on one guy and trade up to the next (a.k,. hypergamy, hook up culture, dating) 
  • Rise of feminism and therefore gender equality brings with it the myth that the genders can be equal (I don’t see how evolution can be overcome. Please explain)
  • Psychologists Alice Eagly and Antonio Mladinic have proven that both men and women shown an inbuilt positive bias towards women over men. The term this the “women are wonderful” effect
  • Men are continuously pandering to this bias and coming more feminized and subordinate. If only you have half a clue as to why.

There is a lot more to this train of thought. Let me know if you want more. The key take away point for me here is that if you can take a breath and step back to look at a really big picture view of things hopefully you can start to understand the unconscious events that take place and shape your paradigms. Paradigms generally lead to a unique and personal kind of slavery that you put yourself into.

Have a good day. Leave a comment below and also check out this related Article The Social Ladder


4 Replies to “Are men expendable? Its a very deep dark rabbit hole.”

  1. All valid points, however, today’s technological breakthroughs have allowed men to do without women. Genetically we can created babies now (as men in a lab do), all we need is an egg which eventually will be artificially created, as well. “Designer Babies” are already on the drawing board, so to me while biologically your points are well taken, scientifically we are in the process of making sure that we are not “expendable” any longer. In terms of raising a child, while women are still ideal and designed to nurture and nourish the child, men can replace a woman in practically every way by now. I am NOT worried…I think ! 😉

    1. I have been keeping a close eye on the development of the artificial womb Rico, also the ability for men to adopt children. There is still a long way to go from what I can see.
      The female-biased part culture is doing it’s best to make sure that these types of technologies won’t see the light of day. Government’s have a vested interest in keeping the voter pools happy to so change to the current regime will be fought tooth and nail.
      The technology I would love to see first is a male contraceptive pill. Think about it, women have all power to decide when, if and how the baby will be born.
      Take that power away and it will be a huge jump towards the type of equality that the radical feminists hate (the equal type of equality).

  2. Are men expendable?

    Yes, it almost seems we are these days. I’m not sure why society seems determined to destroy manhood in any way they can, but there definitely seems to be some sort of agenda there in Western culture, for sure.

    I really like your 2 scenarios and it’s clear the second one would not work at all. Most of the men probably would kill each other, and the woman can only produce so many offspring.

    I can fully relate to everything you’ve written here. Thanks for a great read.

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