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Hello there. Thanks for stopping by. This is a big topic and it is also a follow-on from a post I wrote about the male social hierarchy. Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Omega Sigma personality distinctions can be so vague or so dogmatic. My aim here is not on boosting anyone’s ego or giving you ammunition to pretend to be someone else. I want young men (and women) simply to understand that there are unwritten patterns within society (mostly for the detriment of the most) that you can rise above if you are knowledge enough to see them for what they are.

The sad part of this discussion is that 99% of people out there will blindly fumble through life and conform to whatever social norms they are told they have to. Don’t be one of those sheep.

If you haven’t already read my previous article called different personality types and relationships? you will gain a lost more insights by reading it first before venturing onto this one.

Sigma personality (Self Actualized, Apex of men)

I have provided my description of the sigma man in my previous post so what I want to do here is elaborate more on the similarities or differences between the types.

sigma maleInteractions with women

  • they will attract the elite of elite when it comes to women. The type of women who are wealthy enough to be free of such social hierarchy’s.
  • have a natural understanding of women and what makes them tick. He will choose not to give it to them most of them time to keep them dissatisfied.
  • Will tend not to put any importance on his monogamy

Interactions with other men

  • will seamless interact with all other men at will. They may be jealous of him or they may be completely obvious to his social position.
  • violent when warranted, supported when required and friendly by default.

External Personality Traits

  • very aware of the surrounding and circumstances round him and high adaptive to it
  • a leader of men but individualistic by nature
  • strong decision-making skills and not swayed by group dynamics
  • will be able to link together big picture social dynamics with every small event
  • the sigma man will stay that way his entire life (yes it can be partially learned)

Internal Personality Traits

  • intelligent not just with book smarts but also with street smarts and people smarts
  • discplined and self actualised
  • controlled and balanced in every way
  • will not hesitate to take big risks


Alpha personality (athletic, socialite)

Interactions with women

  • they will have a choice of very beautiful women throwing themselves at him
  • forms a very integral part of both the female social pyramid and male social pyramid. Some would argue he is the keystone.

alpha male

Interactions with other men

  • a manager of men (yes there is a big difference between a leader and a manager, look it up)
  • will spearhead a small group of beta men

External Personality Traits

  • as he gets older and less physically attractive he will slide out of this social position down the pyramid to something less
  • sometime overly violent or overly immature, competitive and selfish
  • vane with a well maintained body

Internal Personality Traits

  • usually very eager to perform for the group and seeks their validation
  • restrained individuality (doesn’t want to stray from social norms too far, but will enjoy operating on its edges)
  • will seek out measured risks to take and ensure everyone sees him do it

Beta personality (popular follower)

Interactions with women

  • will strive for the Alpha or even Beta women but seldom get the woman of their dreams.

beta male

Interactions with other men

  • followers of alpha men.
  • Part of a group of like-minded men
  • social

External Personality Traits

  • same as alpha’s

Internal Personality Traits

  • same as alpha but a lot more restrained in their individuality
  • prone to conform and follow
  • will regularly take measured risks but only to maintain his social status


Gamma personality (sleazy conman)

Interactions with women

  • mildly successful with women but usually under the cover of a con
  • largely invisible to most women

gamma male

Interactions with other men

  • social rejects but unaware of it
  • conversations will be one-sided. Gamma will think he is part of the group while everyone is trying to kick him to the kerb.

External Personality Traits

  • cane range from emasculated to sleazy in appearance
  • overly confident

Internal Personality Traits

  • does not understand why he is not a sigma or what is going wrong
  • inept social skills

Delta personality (your average Joe)

Interactions with women

  • largely unsuccessful with the top tiers of women
  • he will settle down for a woman beneath him then worship her and risk anything or everything to keep her

delta male

Interactions with other men

  • will seldom interact with sigma, alpha or betas because they operate in different social circles
  • will stand side by side with other delta, omega or zeta’s and keep the cogs of industry turning over

External Personality Traits

  • may still be a sportsman or skilled athlete but places little value in things like manscaping, grooming or like activities for the benefit of others.
  • Will become jaded after years of rejects or mistreatment

Internal Personality Traits

  • capable of anything but restrained by their own ghosts (bad childhood, poor self-esteem, shame, lack of motivation etc)
  • prone to seek out distractions in order to deal with the internal holes.

Omega personality (geeks)

Interactions with women

  • physically undesirable to women (until they become rich)
  • they will be very confused by what women want and may be try to study them to try to work it out

omega male

Interactions with other men

  • social interactions are difficult
  • will tend to be loners or run in small circles of similar men
  • interactions will tend to be highly technical in nature or star trek related 🙂

External Personality Traits

  • extremely intelligent in a technical forum
  • lacking social skills

Internal Personality Traits

  • capable of anything but restrained by their own ghosts (bad childhood, poor self-esteem, shame, lack of motivation etc)
  • prone to seek out distractions in order to deal with the internal holes.


Closing Remarks

I hope this post have help you work something out.  If it hasn’t shoot me a comment below and we can keep working on it.  If you want something a bit more substantial when looking at personality types do a free personality test here?

If you think you know someone who will benefit from this please share on social media.

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22 Replies to “Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Omega Sigma Personality Traits Compared”

  1. This was an interesting article. I had never realized there were so many personality types among men. I mean, I realize there are many different personalities out there but not classified like that. It was interesting to read the different ones and also see myself identifying people I know in some of those various classes.

      1. Totally disagree with your assertions if Sigma males. Probably because you self identify as one. I agree thy are at the top and very intelligent often competing directly with alphas but sigmas also tend to be manipulative and narcissistic and their insecurity and position clearly shows itself below Alphas in social settings and around women.

        1. You clearly strive to serve others David.
          Whether you are top of the pack of bottom of the pack alphas are still dependent on the pack for an identity.
          I am not Sigma.

          1. key point MD is that you very seldom get to set your own place in the social hierarchy. I have grown beyond the point of caring what restrictions other people place me nowadays, I choose to soar above it all but my ejection point was a ZETA.

  2. This was an interesting read and I never read these omega and beta etc. personal traits in detail. With that being said I think I am a Gamma. I am overly confident and I never realized that I am one of the social rejects and was aware of it just a few years ago. However, I wonder can I change these attributes if I work on them?

    1. You can change your position in the social hierarchy Furkan but the price you will have to pay is conformity.  Remember the key point to all this is that you don’t decide your own position.  At best you can react.  If you really want a positive change reject the whole thing, don’t play their game and walk your own path.  The more individual and the less mainstream you make yourself the better your chances of maximising your potential.

      Here is an idea that will help.  Every time that you see your body do something automatically without much thought have a good think why. e.g. Next time you are in the gym and try to start a conversation with a new woman then get turned away I bet there is some sort of negative feelings.  Have a good think why that is.  You probably had a bunch of preconceptions as to how you expected her to act, or a bunch of preconceptions about what you expected the outcome to be.  These preconceptions are more than likely based on how the past has shaped you and how you want the future to pan out for you.

      Understand your own preconceptions and reject them then you can move onto a move predictable state without all of the subconscious concepts and paradigms clouding your actions.

      thanks for chiming in mate.

  3. This is an interesting read. Who would have thought that there are a social hierarchy for people?
    I am just trying to think what type my husband is, I think he used to be a Betta kind of person but now he is more like a Delta. Is this possible?

  4. Hi Remy,
    What a great article. I usually describe guys with the Alpha/Beta personality description and I was not even thinking about it.
    It is always fun to headbutt with Alpha trying to push him haha. It definitely makes ones life easier when they identify these personalities.
    Best regards

    1. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all understood the meaning of what we were saying to each other Andrea.  I hope you are not another one of those people getting around the place repeating words from someone else’s mouth without a thought of the meaning.

  5. Good morning ladies and gents!

    I’m going to try my best in order to avoid unnecessary damage to the author’s reputation and his ‘self’ as a whole. I firmly believe I am what people consider a sigma male to be and how this classification came about.
    Nevertheless, I’m starting off with the clear, logic and obvious(or so I thought) statement. Okay, so take our alphabet for example (same is applicable to the greek version): A, B, C, D, E, F….and so on.
    One does not take the letter Y and decides to put it in front of the letter A and establish that as a fact. That’s not how it works.

    The requirement and need of a new classification of the male gender occured in these last 4 to 5 generations and it’s not for naught that the greek symbol sigma was used for it. It’s clear what an alpha is; not so clear what a sigma is – for a reason: sigmas are elusive.

    I identify as a sigma as -in my case- it couldn’t be any other way. I’m very hard to grasp, catalogue and/ or put a finger on. My looks are certainly above average and that gives me an edge, yes. It does not mean, however that I can get any woman I want. Far from it. I’m 40 years old and I can confirm that I’ve had relationships with the most beautiful women available and none of them was below – or even average. But I’m certainly not always surrounded by women. Socially and professionally I’m exactly at the point I want it to be – not more, not less. In this case I have full control over these variables and I can easily bend reality in my favour. But I can go as far as to say that the status of any alpha male constitutes a threat and I do get along with all kinds of people.

    The description on this website makes a sigma male as the second coming of Jesus Christ himself! The “Apex of men”! Djeeeeeezzz! No, my friends. There is a pyramid that actually describes the sigma for what it is and this is it

    As it states on that website, “We sit outside the hierarchy by choice”. In other words, I don’t give a rats ass for established protocol or imposed norms on society. I like to swim against the current as it makes me a stronger swimmer than those who easily float along with the rest of the herd.

    As far as women go I can tell you that it’s not uncommon for me to date women who work directly with/above my position, but I’m not what this author perceives how or what a sigma male is. And not all sigmas are the the same: the ‘lone wolf’ analogy is kinda accurate but I’m not the ‘strong and silent’ type. I’m just strong.

    1. thanks for the comment H.
      I do like the topic and I particularly like just how heated peoples reactions are.
      Don’t be shy, and please don’t worry about harming my feelings, upon reflection when I look at the article I would write it slightly different now if i had to re-write it (which I am not going to do).

      I prefer not to identify as anything on or off the pyramid these days. I prefer to treat the pyramid as a paradigm that other people are stuck in while I have broken free from its constraints. I suspect you may be years ahead of me on that one though.

  6. In my opinión a Sigma men is not part of the hierarchy and does not compite with alphas when is about power, status o women. He is not much interested about that kind of things, becasue he knows how much destructive can be following that kind of lifestyle

    The article is OK, bust its seem too much like trying to promote some kind of selfhelp method to sell. In my opinión that kind of material are for betas who want to be like alphas but they will never become one.

    Sigman men are something diferent, and yes they can follow some method or philosophies about a better lifestyle, but is not a selfhelp books’s geek or is too mucho in something like that.

  7. Hey, neat piece you have here on your site.
    Yet I find there is much biases. the way you described it, in conventional ethology, zeta is pretty much gamma, sigma is pretty much alpha, lambda is pretty much beta, regardless of the variable “knowing how hierarchy works”

    Well human are complex beings, we tends Self-describing themselves as either the top of the game or something else unique.
    Or pretty much, from this piece, I can doubt that the single hierarchy alpha model is relevant to human as species.

    1. I have my biases & I am just as human as the next bloke mate. I see the most value in article like this is taking a step back and seeing the things that blindside you.

      A quote related to the subject
      “if you want to find those who control you find those who stop you from speaking”

      I would encourage you all to spend more time escaping the social hierarchy than trying to define it.

  8. I’ve read a few articles attempting to explain the scale of personalities, recently. I have to say this article is cut throat, which I can respect. But I must agree with an earlier commenter, David, that sigmas do have flaws you failed to list. Compared to most of the other websites about the same topic, it seems like you’ve just moved the classic alpha leader role to sigma and made alphas the traditional beta yes man or muscle heads. I could see logic in saying sigma are above alphas because they are more disciplined, but in that case I would not say they are “friendly” by default (especially towards people who they perceive as wasting their time).

    I know I’m a bit late on this article and you have already said that you would have written things differently if you would rewrite it, but thanks for an interesting take on the subject. Also, another type I have seen is Zeta: a man who is knowledgeable about social workings, but chooses to refrain from playing the social game more than they have to. They are incredibly self disciplines and largely focus to spend time with their work or in nature, and usually do not even bother trying to attract woman. (Might be over kill, having too many types, but I wanted to mention it)

    1. Cheers for the thoughts Bee,
      the one thing I don’t agree with (from the bulk of people writing about such topics) is that alpha men are independent an in-control of their own place on the social hierarchy. My take is that they are just as dependent on the associated female hierarchy or pecking order to place them there. You could even argue they are more dependent because they have got more to lose.

      Have you read my article on tournament species males vs pair bonded males. It was written after this post but it puts an entirely different dimension to the conversation about alphas being muscle men. Linked here … Tournament species article

  9. Remy I wanted to include my objective criticism of your piece on the difference between a Sigma and an Alpha. Although I could write an essay on the subject to better elaborate my points; I will keep this comment from being too detailed for the sake of time. As a Sigma I have to disagree with you calling a Sigma the “Apex” of men. The only category where a Sigma can be considered an Apex is in individual performance. Meaning when comparing men strictly on skill level in various categories; the average sigma will always come out on top.

    However, from a biological and evolutionary standpoint the individuals from our species that are considered the winners at the end of their life are the ones who have achieved the most social, economical and biological (reproduction) success. When judged from this viewpoint; a Sigma will always be second to an Alpha. Obviously I’m speaking in general terms. There are always people who see all of those things as irrelevant to what they consider winning. However, speaking strictly from the perspective of Darwinism (I’m actually highly religious and a creationist) overall physical success is the only thing that matters in measuring which member of a species accomplished the most (meaning is the winner) by the end of their life.

    A hypothetical example of this would be comparing two Lions. Lion A is the strongest and the most intelligent lion in the entire region. In fact, in a 1 on 1 challenge there are no lions in the area that can even come close to matching his skill level in any area. However, for whatever reason this Lion has had only 2 offspring’s and does not have a pride of his own. Lion B is probably the 4th or 5th most skilled lion in the region. However, he just happens to be the most skilled in his ability to make others follow and admire him. In fact, he lives for attention. He has the largest pride in the area and the most offspring’s who go on to start their own prides. Although Lion A is obviously the better lion by a huge margin; Lion B is the clear winner in the game of life.

    That’s the huge difference between an Alpha and a Sigma. If you take an Sigma and an Alpha and assume they are both equally and highly intelligent; the Sigma will almost always be better at every skill then the Alpha. However, the Alpha will almost always dominate in the skill of getting others to like, admire and follow him easier then a Sigma. This is because the paradox is that although Sigma’s have the ability to lead; Sigma’s don’t care about power or leading men. This naturally leads to him having a lot less social influence then an Alpha. Please note they get more social ADMIRATION then an Alpha when people recognize them for what they are. However, admiration and influence are not the same. Also, since Sigma’s aren’t actively showing off, they aren’t admired often because people don’t know that the person is a Sigma. Its been proven throughout history that for our species having access to “groups” gives you a higher probability of becoming a “winner in life.” Alpha’s are the masters at not only acquiring groups but also at influencing/leveraging that group to exponentially increase his odds’s of becoming the winner in the game of life. Of course this doesn’t mean Sigmas can influence groups or can’t “win in life.” It just means that their odds of becoming a winner is lower than an Alpha’s.

    I will leave you with a somewhat humorous, easy to understand but completely non scientific real life example of this. The British Empire is the definition of an Alpha. While Switzerland (up to the end of WWII) is the definition of a Sigma. TBE was an expansionist country by nature. Although TBE was great in many aspects of what makes a great country; they were not the best in all these categories. For the sake of not making this post even longer, lets just say they become the largest empire in the history of this planet even though they were not the best in every category. Switzerland on the other hand was not an expansionist country. However, as a whole they were seen as utterly dominant in every category that makes a country strong. Because they did not care about expanding they remained a small but rich country. However, they were always given the highest level of respect and acknowledgement from all other countries. Even the German war machine knew better then to mess with Switzerland. It was simply not worth it. Think of how mind blowing that is. Germany was willing to take on the combined force of pretty much every single dominant power in Europe at the time and simultaneously betray their strongest ally (Russia) and fight them all at the same time. But they didn’t dare mess with the Swiss. So needless to say Switzerland is recognized for their insanely high level of skill.

    However, historically the The British Empire has and always will continue to get the most recognition and admiration for what they accomplished while Switzerland will only be a footnote in history 500 years from now. That’s why Alpha’s are better then Sigma’s.

    1. You certainly got the essay part right Alex. I appreciate you effort and promise to give it the correct time and attention it deserves. Unfortunately that time can’t be today my friend. The world has gone crazy and I suspect it is because paradigms such as our social Hierarchy’s are soon to be destroyed. I hope that is the case anyway.

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