Additional Resources

No matter where you are within your journey

  • child growing up without a father
  • single mom trying to raise children without a father
  • childless father or divorced dad
  • grown adult trying to fix the past damage,

there is help and resources available to kick-start you on your path.

In this space one size does not fit all so the aim here is that together we can compile a set of resources available today specifically tailored to a need and making them accessible to the people in need.

For Children

Examples may include:

  • bedtime stories
  • books
  • fairytales
  • learning products

For Moms

  • book reviews
  • product reviews
  • life coaches
  • learning resources

For Dads

  • parenting help
  • divorce recovery
  • learning resources
  • book reviews

Resources for Adults trying to repair the damage from their childhood

Resources herein include:

  • book reviews
  • training reviews
  • learning resources
  • personal development products

Please help me get the best resources in front of the most needing people.