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Remy Oryan: Welcome to my site, childneedsfather.com. This is a collection of my grandfathers life teachings my application of it and adaptions for the modern world.

Family was very important to Zolly. He was separated from his children due to the social conventions of his time.

He missed out on the opportunity to raise his own children so relished in the opportunity to nurture me, my siblings and my cousins through our childhoods and into our 20s. Sadly my grandfather, has passed.Remy


As is the social convention of my time I have also become separated from my children.
These same teachings that helped me transition through my adolescence were critical to helping me survive my divorce.

These teachings are timeless and I struggled to find anyone else with the same philosophies in life. We shouldn’t all have to learn the same things the hard way.

The Objective

Hopefully once this collection is complete I can somehow get them into the hands of my children, stopping the same history repeating itself again.
If you are looking for a way to deviate from the mediocre path expected of you perhaps this collection can add a new perspective not found elsewhere.

All the best,




5 Replies to “About Me”

  1. Hi Remy,
    Wow, your site is so rich of information and deep meaning. I like the structure and the content is so inspiring. You are so engaged. I really appreciate your work. Thank you!!

  2. Remy, my brother, I know your pain well.

    The Sigma man is consumed by the piranha! There is hope, there is a way through. The convention may be changed, but we must reach out to each other and stand in our common ground, remaining tolerant in our uncommon grounds.

    When we can do this we can reveal to the world the pollutive suffering of fathers and their children.

    Keep the flame of your heart strong.

    1. thanks Michael,
      Have you ever read the book “Atlas Shrugged”. In the book the socialist society becomes so polluted towards the industrialists that there is a mass boycott. All the productive men, business owners, and innovators pack up and let the leeches starve to death.
      Sometimes I feel like more and more people are leaving the western world because it is not conducive to capitalism and wealth creation anymore.

  3. Hello Remy,

    I am also divorced and separated from my two sons. I too hope that these social conventions don’t repeat in their lives.

    Your content is good. Keep the good work.


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