70th Birthday Gifts for Men: Celebrate, imagine & share.

70th birthday gifts for men

70th birthday gifts for men can be kind of hard to choose and kind of easy to get wrong. Most men who are at the 70 mark don’t have a thriving academic career or structured fitness regime to follow. In fact what you will more likely find is a lot of relaxing, reminiscing and hopefully some story telling. More than likely about the old days in an attempt to pass on 70 years of gained wisdom.

I remember when my grandfather reached 70 was around about the time he stopped riding his bicycle around the neighborhood and really ramped up his efforts to engage with the grand kids (or anyone who would listen). We learnt more history lessons through his war stories than school could ever attempt to. Perhaps some characters and a few of the actions were not quite as true as grand-dad would like us to believe but the morals behind the stories were all spot on.

That brings me to the gift. Before we buy any loved ones a gift we really need to take a moment and pond the moral, the thought behind the gift that we want to share. Here is a few ideas I came up with last time that I had to buy such a gift

  1. I want the gift to be a shared experience encouraging him to share his stories, impart his wisdom and optimize every moment we have left together
  2. I want it to instigate new stories and to shine light on the best part of his most relevant past
  3. I want to embrace differences between my generation and his
  4. I want to build a framework to learn from experiences I may never have myself
  5. I want to show that I reject negative paradigms relevant to the situation

Maybe I put too much thought into these kinds of things. Maybe if you don’t follow my lead, an opportunity for growth will pass you by. I live each day with the regrets of things I failed to do years ago. That is one lead I do want to you reject.

The three themes for my gift recommendations below are emotion, imagination & symphony.

#1 – Emotion: American Flag fleece

Public Patriotism is something that can get you in a spot of trouble today if you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time but that was not always the case. Previous generations, particularly the war generations, found a great deal of pride and patriotism in their country and in the stars and stripes.

It is one experience I hope you can embrace and share as part of your gift. To love one’s country is to love one’s townsfolk & neighbors. The banner below links to an American Flag fleece which I would love to see you share with your grandfather (or whomever the lucky 70-year old is) and ultimately spark up an entire list of patriotic stories. In the very least just the act of giving this gift should show a sign of solidarity in nation pride. Perhaps it could be a foundation stone to rebuilding a lost relationship.


#2 Imagination: NASA Apollo 11 owners manual (Haynes Workshop Manual)

Is your birthday boy a book collector? My grand dad loved to collected books. What I called history books he referred to as current affairs. 🙂 For any red-blooded American from the generation we are talking about the Apollo 11 represents

the climax of American manufacturing and military achievements. Not only did we win the space race but we did it with American horsepower and American brainpower.

Unfortunately you can’t buy him the lunar module to sit in the garage but we can gift him the owners manual for the entire mighty Saturn V rocket, the Command and Service Modules, and the Lunar Module.

What I am proposing here is the coffee table book to Apex all coffee table books. What I think we can achieve here is more than a book, I think we can achieve something more akin to a time travel experience. Imagine all the boyhood dreams that would have raced through a little kids head when he witnessed such feats of history play out in front of his eyes. Once, a lifetime experiences that I am hoping we can re-spark with the Apollo 11 owners manual. What would you give to see even just a glimmer of the boyhood glint in the eye rekindled into the eye his 70-year old self.

#3 Symphony: Victrola Vintage Suitcase Turntable with Speakers

When it comes to music the previous generations (particularly the war generations) managed to inject a world of emotion and imaginations that couldn’t even be conceived of today. Of course the music itself can’t inject the same emotion into younger generations than it can with those who lived the associated experiences. What we can do though is to bring back to life those music hall memories of yesterday that our birthday boys still cherishes so much.

What I really like about this turntable is the shared experience of vinyl record player for grand-dad and Bluetooth speakers for grand-daughters. Two generations sharing music with each other in their own way.

The brand name Victrola might be a lot more generic today than it used to be but the experience of listening to a vinyl record on a suitcase turntable is still a golden moment that your birthday boy will undoubtedly love. What I am anticipating after you gift this gift (and listen to his favorite records) is a flurry of new stories regarding dances and dates with girls long forgotten about. Then a few smiles and a cuppa.

Closing Remarks

I hope that you got something constructive and useful out of my article here. It was a joy to write and I do wish you and your special 70-year old friend the very best with whatever plans you care for. As with all the articles I write about giving gifts I hope that you can take a moment longer than normal to really contemplate the opportunity life has presented to you and to you gift recipient on this occasion. Whilst turning 70 might only be one day in a long life it is what you do with every other day that makes that life worth celebrating. Please pass on my Happy Birthdays and Best Wishes.

4 Replies to “70th Birthday Gifts for Men: Celebrate, imagine & share.”

  1. Thanks for giving out 3 great ideas, I have my grandfather who’s turning 79 in the next months so I was just looking for a nice gift for him. The American flag isn’t really suitable for him, because he’s European – but I was thinking about buying him a flag of out country, that would surely impress him.But I liked most that suitcase with speakers – it’s really original and it would probably impress him even more than the flag. Or maybe I could get him both, I don’t think that would be too expensive. Do you think I could also get him a birthday cake with candles? It wouldn’t be too weird for someone of his age?

    1. Cheers Ashley,

      if you are going to get him a birthday cake with candles on it make sure that he can blow out the candles confidently.  Nothing worse then being put in a social position in front of a whole bunch of people (even if they are relatives) and not being able to perform on queue.

      Patriotism spreads well into Europe as well. I am sure a flag and a suitcase record play will go down a treat.  If you can’t find all the vinyl records you want remember you can still stream the music via bluetooth.

  2. I enjoyed reading your article about the wisdom of your grandfather and these 3 gifts you mention in your article.  I know that my grandpa on my mother’s side was like my father.  As I child, I enjoyed sitting with him under the oak tree and listening to his stories on how he served in World War I, and his days farming on the family farm.  I always learned something new from him and he considered me his closest grandchild because I always asked for his advice.

    I think that a grandfather teaches you get skills and teaches and gives you a lot of life’s lessons and gives you a lot of the morals you live by.  

    He died when I was 12, but I think he would have been proud of me knowing that I served as an Army Ranger in Desert Storm defending my country.  

    I liked your ideas on the 3 gifts for 70 year old men such as your grandfather.  Men back then loved God and country and a fleece blanket of the U.S. flag is very ideal and patriotic.  I know my grandfather would have really enjoyed having one.  He would also have enjoyed an old style record player so he could listen to his vinyl records as well.

    I think your post is in great taste and is nicely done.

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