Three Awesome 50th Birthday Gifts Men Will Treasure


The big FIVE-0 isn’t something to be sneezed at. Congratulations is in order. Plus a special gift to mark the occasion I think. Stick with me as I share with you three 50th birthday gifts men will wish they had bought for themselves; decades ago.

One thing that I always do when I am buying a gift for someone is try to give them something that you think they will like but something that they would probably never buy themselves. There could be dozens of different reasons why such a person wouldn’t buy such a present for themselves so let’s not bother with the details. I was down the golf club last weekend and was chatting to a bunch of the lads (as you do) when I seized the opportunity to ask them all what I should buy myself for my 50th birthday. For me the challenge wasn’t to get ideas from them it was to sift through the cliche midlife crisis ideas from the genuine articles which celebrate life the way I want to live it.

By the third drink my imagination starting moving beyond material possessions and onto the emotions/experiences that various gifts can add to my life.

Here is an example: Charlies top suggestion (which was obviously something that he had been yearning for but dared not to buy) was a custom sized felt cowboy hat in the style of his favorite rodeo star Tuf Cooper. At first we all had a good laugh and poked him about his inability to ride a golf cart let alone a horse. Soon after though we could see that such a hat meant more than just some shade to old charlie it was opening up some sort of time tunnel back to his school-days and sparked a light in him good enough for us all to chip in and agree to buy him his forsaken hat.

The point here being that the perfect 50th birthday gift for you man (or yourself) can spark a lot more than just material possession.

The conversation spilled out into the bar before I got any real insight into what I really needed to buy myself.

Home Golf Simulator

This is one of the few and rare occasions where I can bring myself to embrace new technologies. On those occasions when my knee isn’t capable of the outing of the weather just won’t let up I have often found myself indoor smashing the pill into the cage (that means hitting a golf ball as hard as you can into a net). Whilst it is at last getting some aggression out the simulators on the market now provide a much more round and competitive experience. Let’s face it, competition is where the fun is, right boys!

This here little device plugs into a computer (and or projector) so that I can play full golf courses in the luxury of my own man cave. Pure genius and a lot more realistic than the 2d video games I have been known to play on occasion inside my iPhone.  The clip that comes with it attaches to your own golf club then you hit your ball into that same net and presto the ball flies through the air on your laptop screen and straight down the center of your very own virtual golf course. There is also multiple clips so that multiple mates can challenge each other to a game. Check out the videos of this brilliant golf simulator gift in action by clicking he links below which will take you to the amazon page.

Personalized Whiskey on Tap (or Bourbon)

What we also found was the beauty of the golf simulator was that it bought with it a means of getting around all those pesky road rules being alcohol (and the odd golf club rule too). Quite a few of us enjoy a drink or two whether we are on the golf course or not but having a customized barrel at home is a fantastic way of adding that little bit of extra meaning into that late nightcap.

Here is an opportunity to blend your own mix, age it and share with your guests. The serious connoisseurs may even choose to distill or age their own. For the more social of us this could just be a chance to age your own favorite whiskey and have it on tap in the relative comfort of your own man cave. I say relative because wait till you see what my third suggestion is.

There is something sad about a $200 bottle of single malt whiskey sitting alone on the shelf untouched for long periods of time. This is my way of giving it a nice warm (wooden) home to mature in.

Recliner Club Chair

After all that virtual exercise and all that real liquor it only stands to reason that eventually gravity is going to get the best of you. Even the best of struggle to party like its 1999 anymore. One of the most overlooked luxuries of modern life is the pure bliss you get when you finally rest your weary body into a well-designed comfortable chair.

I remember when I was a kid most of the houses in the street had a sitting room and pride of place within the best corner of the sitting room was dad’s chair. Each dad had his own idea of what the perfect chair was to him but they all had one thing in common. Sanctuary and rest.

I strongly believe that having a place of sanctuary will bolster his resolve and strengthen his drive to work each day if he can depend on having that place waiting for him at home where he can enjoy the fruits of his labors.

Wrap Up

Golf, personalized whiskey and a relaxing recliner to sink into once it all gets too vertical. For me this is the experience I choose to pursue for my 50th birthday gifts. I hope you can share the same simple pleasures in life or at least have gained a little bit of inspiration to create your own. Good luck and god bless.

I would love to hear a comment or two. Don’t be shy. Anyone else out there contemplating a cowboy hat?

6 Replies to “Three Awesome 50th Birthday Gifts Men Will Treasure”

  1. What great ideas you have for birthday presents!

    I love the idea of the whiskey barrel, I have never come across one of those before, and I will definitely bear that in mind when next I am looking for a man’s birthday present.

    The recliner chair looks great too, but I am not sure that I would buy a cowboy hat!!

    Very many thanks for your great ideas.

    Chrissie 🙂

    1. I can imagine you walking down the hallway Chrissie sporting a 40 gallon hat with a whiskey barrel under each arm. 🙂

      Maybe thereis another idea for a gift.


  2. These are defintly some awesome gifts for men turning 50. Now even though my dad doesn’t like golf or drinks —I know he would love that big comfy chair to sit in.

    I think the only thing you need to add now to your list is a big screen tv to go with it lol.

    Out of all three of these items, which one would you say is the most expensive?

  3. Hi there, getting a gift for someone sometimes might even be difficult beyond what we thought it is, my reason is u might buy a gift for man in his 50Th and he will felt like, son, did u really get this for me and u be like, yes man, he will really and appreciate it, but if it’s not something he will appreciate the expression on it’s face will say it all, a cowboy hat is good for people that appreciate it but in my 50 as learner and lover of golf, I will prefer a club, my best 50Th birthday gift, smile

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