40th Birthday Gifts for Men – Help him transition into the second half


The topic “40th birthday gifts for men” seems innocuous on face value but if you have never been a man or never straddled that 40-year-old hurdle you won’t fathom the importance. Let me enlighten you. To really understand the importance of the fortieth we may have to get a bit philosophical but don’t be scared. For a start (whether it be conscious or unconscious) the 40-year-old mark signifies to a man the end of his uphill journey in life and the start of the downhill stretch. Don’t underestimate just how important this revelation is to a person’s mind frame. Women have a very well publicised and fretted over period of menopause to signify this occasion. Men don’t. Whilst some doctors do advocate a male equivalent (the Andropause) I would have to say the jury is still out.

I do believe that men go through a transformation around the age of 40 just as significant as a woman’s menopause. What it is though is a hard thing to quantify. One analogy that I like is an awakening. Symptoms are varied but from what I have seen they always revolve around him turning his attentions inward and less focus the external influences (usually to clean the slate and make a fresh start for the downhill stretch).

In most cases things like a shiny red sports car are an attempt to fulfill gaps left in the psyche from childhood but it just gets written off as something a lot shallow, he gets shamed and if not fulfilled will start him down a misguided path for the second half of his life too. Those who are wise in this field will often talk about balance and in particular balancing the psyches mind body and spirit. I am also a strong believe that for a man to smash through to 40 barrier and successfully put to rest the demons of the past, ready himself for the future he needs achieve such balance. I have even heard of culture’s advocating a second initiation at this life stage.

The “Humanity Trinity” – Mind, Body, Spirit

Don’t let your preconceptions about religion scare you off now the mind body spirit concept predates your religion. All the self-improvement and personal development (not to mention some religions) all aim to better your life, achieve success and optimize your life by balancing the mind & body with spirit. I wasn’t raised by religious parents so I am still catching up but what I can tell is that the concept of enlightenment that pretty much all religions touch on also achieved to balance mind, body and spirit. Lets scale the all empowering concept down to something a big more grounded. Something a bit more in line with what you actually came here for, a gift.

What I do want to do though is recommend a few gifts that will help your man (or you) inadvertently start you down the balanced path. Almost like a kick start.


Now I have personally been through this journey myself so what I can recommend is kind of along the lines of education but in the format of entertainment. Education is good, we should all strive to fill our brains up with useful stuff but let’s not try to fit a round peg into a square hole here. It has been decades since any 40 year sat in a class room after all.

This is a TV series I stumbled across by accident late one night and it captivated me and I can honestly say sent my life into a different trajectory. What I particularly liked here was the science infused with big picture philosophy. Questions like what does it mean to be human. Is the world you see all there is & What is your purpose for being here.

There are all questions that naturally come up around this time of a man’s life (more than other times) so I can honestly say he will at the very least get some companionship out of it and a few hours of pondering the big questions. Mix with alcohol sparingly and collaboratively.


For some reason facing the inevitable downhill stretch will also give him a new burst of energy and quite a few men will bust into a new exercise regime. Sometime initiated by a bad doctors report, sometime self-inflicted but nonetheless it is a good thing. Don’t fight it.

I tried dumbbells and power racks and all sorts of gadgets when I was going through this stage but there is nothing more manly than smacking something that you can pretend is your old high school enemy (or more recent enemy as the case may be). The humble boxing bag comes in dozens of different shapes and forms: some a lot more intimidating than others, what I have linked below is a good mix of functionality and form. No roof hook required, no huge big frame just some ballast and a good deal of aggression. Help him unleash the beast. It will do his testosterone levels a world of good.


In the modern world we live in now spirituality can be so easily overlooked. Quite often it takes a huge and devastating life moment for a man to contemplate his spirituality. For me it was events like deaths of close family members, near death experiences or the biggest one divorce. It is a real shame that this side of our humanity gets ignored so much. For me spirituality means the way in which I am connected to the universe and connected to every creature within it (humans and non-humans alike). It is really important to get this perspective sometimes because it can be a real ego killer.

I found Eckhart Tolle to be the most accessible leader in the field. His book “The Power of Now” is just as much a guide to help you through the next asshole encounter as it is a guide to get you through those longer term life goals.

Closing Remarks

Thanks for sharing your last ten minutes with me and thanks for reading all this way. It was a lot longer article than I hoped for but as it turns out the 40th birthday mark for a man is a lot more than it appears to be.

Let me know your thoughts below.

10 Replies to “40th Birthday Gifts for Men – Help him transition into the second half”

  1. I must say that this article is very interesting and thorough Remy. It is great that I stumbled upon it as my elder brother will celebrate his 40th birthday in one week. He is not satisfied as he wants to be young eternally but that is life lol. You give me a great idea for a gift. The Brain is something that will be of use to him as he likes to read books.

    1. I watched the TV series completely by chance and it challenged quite a few of the paradigms I didn’t even know I was constrained to.

  2. You’ve done a good job , Remy. This just made my day. I have an uncle who is more like a dad to me and he would be celebrating his 40th birthday on the 25th of next month. What to buy for him has been bothering me for a while now but with your article, I now have a lot of options. Thank you Remy

    1. Make the most of the loved ones that you still have around you Matthew.  Life has a way of making sure that you don’t stay enslumbered for too long.

  3. Remy this is a great article from a meticulous man. You didn’t present a fictious or imaginary write up it shows your knowledge of the subject. You have indeed been there! I am not there yet but almost, presently 49 and you have written “my mind”…40 is very scary especially for someone like me who has not been able to achieve my goals in life both personal and spiritual!!! How can I make my post 40 more fun-filled?

    how did you get over the fear?

    i I love this article.

    1. If you really sit down and study your fears jay 9 times out of 10 you will find that they are fears of not matching up to other peoples expectations of you. Let them meet their own expectations and let go of the baggage you have let them inflict on you.

      Here is a brilliant resource to start your journey – have a look at the book called “Healing The Shame That Binds You”,  by John Bradshaw.

      You should also spend plenty of time in quiet contemplated (aka meditation) to sort all this out inside your head before you start pushing back on others.

  4. Hi there,I have read the whole review about 40th Birthday Gifts for Men.This is really a great article.These are defintly some awesome gifts for men turning 40.This is really very helpful information for us.I will share this article with my friends.I am bookmarking your article to share with friends. Thanks for sharing this informative article with us.

  5. Interesting post you share about been 40th, there’s a quotes that says ” life begins at 40- but so do fallen arches, rheumatism, faulty eyesight, and the tendency to tell a story to the same person, three or four times”. Turning 40 is an occasion worth celebrating, and a good way to starting a new phase of life. Do you agree with me?

    Thank you for sharing!

  6. it certainly was a new phase of life for me.  The age of divorce peaks at around 40.  I found myself starting all over again, clean slate, with nothing hold me back but a mountain of someone elses debt.

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