3 reasons why people ask – Do Men Age Better Than Women?

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Have you ever been told that Men Age like Wine and Women Age like Milk? What’s that all about? Do Men Age Better than Women?

You have got to be on some pretty serious hallucinogens if you answered NO to that question. The world is full of examples of older gentlemen at the top of their game.

Whilst I think you will find the majority of people agree that Men do indeed Age better Why do you think that is. I am going to throw my hat in the ring here and lay down for you the way I see it. I can see things a little differently from my position.

What value is a man held to?

In order to actually define what Better is in the question we need to define just what value to which “Better” is going to be compared to. So what value is a man held to?

It’s a question that plagues us men sub-consciously on a daily basis. Said differently it is a question of What does success look like? What am I doing this for? How do I know when I have made it? or Am I Spending my time on the right thing here?

Once you concentrate all the subtopics down to its essence I conclude that there are a few values along the lines of

  • His ability to provide for his family (his wealth)
  • The generosity he shows when it comes to parting with that wealth
  • Social status that items 1 and 2 above bring to the relationship
  • Male competition (Is there a bigger fish swimming in the pool ready to destroy him)

What value is a woman held to?

male disposabiiltyOf course, we can’t forget the women in this conversation after all they are using these types of questions. What value does the woman hold to a man? Feminism has diminished a lot of the value that women used to give to a relationship and now, it looks to me at least, that woman’s value if it has to be pared down to four things just as the mans was they are

  • her ability to reproduce and the complimentary nature of her genes with him (are they a genetic match?)
  • her willingness to reproduce
  • her loyalty
  • her ability to care for an offspring

Don’t get this misconstrued with sexual objectification, plenty of men see women as very beautiful and very sexual beings that kick start many uncontrolled hormones but the visual/sexual stimulation is just a symptom of the underlying urge. That is the urge to reproduce and leave a genetic legacy. Without offspring life is not eternal.
Most men have an inability to control their own sex drive but against don’t confuse that with sexual objectification either.

To further elaborate on this I will add that the reason that a woman’s value to concentrated to reproduction is a result of gender equality. Men and women are equal in almost everything in life now. Work places provide equal opportunities along with equal amount of frustrations. Home duties have been automated to the point that anyone can do them. Relationships seem to be the last frontier for differences.


How does a mans value change over time

The real question is:

How does a man’s material wealth and social status changes over time?

man porscheMen are conditioned to work hard and over time build wealth one brick at a time. It is not uncommon for a man to start work at the age of 15 and continue on well into his 60s or even 70’s. As industries become more automated I would expect to see men work into their 80s as well.

With wealth comes the social status. Nicer car, nicer House, more extravagance and larger social groups all come with age for a man.

Generally age is an uphill run when it comes to value for men.

How does a woman’s value change over time

Rephrased into the context above the question becomes:

How does a woman’s fertility mature over time?

A woman fertility is at it’s prime in her early twenties and slowly fades when she reaches her mid to late thirties. There are exceptions with the miracles of modern science but generally speaking it’s a downhill run once she hits about 25.

Compare the two and you get a man traveling up while the woman travel down. Men age like wine while women age like milk.

I bet you have a whole next context now when answering the question about men aging better than women.

The 3 reasons Why?

Here are the 3 reasons I see all the time why it’s not obvious.


dating a single momA middle-aged childless woman desperately seeking a man to impregnate her and fulfill her destiny to have children. She is blinded by her biological imperative to reproduce but her social imperative to sew some wild oats in her twenties are at war with her own biology.


A young man struggling to keep his girlfriend from straying over to an older man. Again hypergamy is a killer, if she wants wealth and social status and she can get it from an older man she will.


A single mother reluctantly getting back into the dating game after her children grow up and leave her care. The differences between the genders when they are in their 40s is undeniable. A 40-year-old woman will be very close to the bottom of the sexual market value while the man typically right up there.


Unfortunately there is one huge social phenomenon which throws all these notions completely upside down. No fault divorce has been created to transfer to the wealth of an aging man right into the hands of his disgruntled wife. It is a huge step change for the man to start from bottom again but the trajectory is still the same, most men will rise again while the woman will be wealth for a while but that will fade if she doesn’t make some intelligent investment choices.

Let me know your thoughts below. Don’t be shy.





2 Replies to “3 reasons why people ask – Do Men Age Better Than Women?”

  1. I haven’t heard the saying “Men age like wine and women age like milk”. Maybe the people saying it are trying to stroke the man’s ego because I wouldn’t agree with the saying at all. I’ve seen both men and women who have aged gracefully. Both can be like wine in my opinion. I understand your take on women and their purpose being connected to reproducing, but I’d argue that men also have the same connection to reproduction, and with the need for medications like Valtrex increasing, I’d say that’s not a symptom of men aging like wine. What are your thoughts?

    1. I did some research on valtrex. It is a drug used for treating infections such as herpes.  My opinion is that you are off on a tangent on your own.  Now that you have heard the phrase I suspect it will stick with you and as the next few weeks as you see for yourself the new awareness you have created will break down the conditioning you don’t even know you have.  You are welcome.

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