Day: August 3, 2019

BluePrint Autonomy Orange Belt – The Armour That Shields You Also Blinds You

Welcome to what I call autonomy Orange Belt. If, you are new to the program please follow this link back to the introduction. Today we are going to take a very deep dive into the way your brain works and how your personality adapts to it. For some of you this may be relatively sensible but for quite a few of you some very foreign ideas are about to come your way. I have spent a lot of time on this introductory paragraph for those of you who struggle sit on the first analogy (about the coat of Armour), reflect on your self for a few days, or weeks, meditate & it will start to make more and more sense as you peel away the distractions. I want you to carry this analogy forward into this post. Context is key from now on. You are a human: that wasn’t so […]