Day: October 14, 2018

Oops! I created my Feminized Husband

feminized husband

It wasn’t until my oldest daughter started dating a low-life and I had to give her relationship advice that I realized I had trained my ex-husbands so hard (and far too successfully) into being the men I wanted them to be that they became the overly feminized husbands I despised. I am going through a massive period of self reflection and learning as part of my Yoga training. Here is a topic that came up in a conversation at my book club a few weeks back. We are a circle of middle age women, mostly divorced moms past our primes now but still with it. Anyway, quite a few of us have teenage daughters and the conversations often turn to the teenage boys, relationships and also the type of advice we give our daughters as opposed to the advice we were given. It is amazing what revelations can be made […]