Day: October 10, 2018

Stories of Midlife Crisis: For Women

midlife crisis for women

Hello there. Margery here bringing you yet another post, this time with plenty of stories about midlife crisis: For Women. Remy did his midlife crisis post about men, this one is going to be something very different. As usual, we women do things with a lot more multitasking than men – even when it comes to midlife crisis. First up, the term midlife crisis is traditionally only used as a male thing. Let me change that right here and right now. Modern women have just a hard time as men do, we call it menopause and try to make out that it is a medical thing but something a lot more happened to a woman when she gets to a certain age around 35. Different women go through the change at different times. Sometimes it is 35, I hear 37 the most. So Let’s take a look at all the […]