Day: October 8, 2018

My Regrets After Midlife Crisis Divorce

regrets after midlife crisis divorce

Hello beautiful world. My name is Margery and you are reading my very first post. By the end you will see for yourself why I was elected the perfect candidate to talk about Regret After Midlife Crisis Divorce (even though I am female, the fairer sex, I still managed to pull off a decent midlife crisis. Something my male colleagues all aspire to I bet. Ha Ha Ha. Unfortunately I don’t have a sportscar to show for it but I do have plenty of regrets and plenty of lost opportunities to share with you.  My aim here is to counter the popular fairytale story that an empowered woman can do anything.  My experiences were that empowerment failed to pay my bills or attract men and girl power wasn’t enough to lift those weights at the gym when I needed it most. My Backstory: prior to the midlife divorce I was […]