Day: September 17, 2018

What does MGTOW mean? An Interview with Mike Part 2


Introduction Hello readers. I have got a treat for you today. I have tracked down MGTOW Mike for a follow-up interview. [If you missed the first interview, which was called What Is MGTOW?, follow the previous link. This time I am focusing on the question of What does MGTOW mean? I never really got any tangible conclusions from my first interview so I planned round 2. I want to continue on where I left off last time but also try to move on from the What question and into the Where and Why questions. Cheers. Interview with Mike: What does MGTOW mean? Remy: Howdy Mike. It’s been months since the first interview. Thanks for agreeing to my interview again. Mike: No worries. Remy: Last time we met I was asking a lot of questions about What is MGTOW. I have come up with a summarized version of the whole interview, […]