Month: August 2018

Blueprint Autonomy: Overview, Introduction & Contents


Welcome a series of posts I am calling “Blueprint Autonomy.” The aim of these posts is to create a detailed sequence of activities that will lead you directly to a new state of independence/autonomy and also knock down all those invisible barriers holding you inside the fog. There is one thing that I aim to do here which is tried and tested yet rare in the modern era we live in. That is, pass down information from one generation to the next, learn from someone else s mistakes, challenge the status quo, and advance your life choices beyond those that your parents/elders made. If, you have had the pleasure of growing up with grandparents (and you had a good relationship with them) you will be one step ahead because you are at least familiar with some of these concepts. It really is a new phenomenon, the new global society has […]

What Is Divorce Rape? Who, Why & How? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

divorce rape

If you have asked What is divorce rape I can only squeamishly imagine your situation. Fear not, I have been there, so have many men but it is still a taboo. There is a bunch of truths that don’t get to see the light of day very often. There are multiple reasons for that but mostly it is because those perpetrators of divorce rape don’t want to be judged for their actions so hide them most members of the western society agree that prejudiced wealth transfer from men to women is a good thing the targets are left with no voice and no means of defense This is going to be a short article because it is not a subject that I want you to dwell on. At the end I will present the methodology I used to get through my divorce rape.   The following article is my attempt […]

The Importance of a Fathers Education – To Children & To the Great Family Unit

importance of a fathers

Hi there. I am going to address a seemingly innocuous subject this morning. The importance of a fathers’ education on surface value appears to be quite a mild issue but you will see as I unpack it the layers get more and more critical as we get deeper into it. Over the past 50 years or so more and more children are being raised without a father in the household. This has been a systemic shift and in my opinion it has been purposely engineered that way (but that is a topic for another day). What are the impacts of children being raised without fathers’? Are there any impacts? Unfortunately these are questions that I seldom hear being asked. Everyone’s focus is 100% gleamed in on the single mother’s victim hood and the children’s experience becomes jaded by the focus. Wouldn’t it be nice if some of that focus was […]

10 signs of a bad marriage

10 signs of a bad marriage

Hi there, welcome to my site but sorry to hear you are looking for signs about a bad marriage. Luckily for me I have been there, learn from lots of mistakes then come out the other end of a nasty divorce with a very different outlook on life. I hope my new outlook can help you. I am going to quickly throw down 10 signs and then more importantly I want to discuss what to do about it. Skip to the good bit right down the end if you already know your red flags.     #1 Silent Treatment Means Bad Communication => Bad Marriage The cold shoulder or the silent treatment is something that people use not only at the start of a marriage breakdown but right the way through to their death. It should be thought of a means of passive aggressive control of a relationship. It means […]

Indigo Children Characteristics – A Fathers Perspective Looking In From the Outside

Indigo children characteristics feature

Hi there. My first introduction to some of the indigo children characteristics was somewhat of a shock. I will share the story with you below but first let me say that I am a lot more open-minded now than I was years ago when this all played out. I am a believer that there is a greater purpose to life, consciousness is connected and that today’s human form is responsible for a lot of the limitations we accept as our strengths. Once you read on I hope you will connect with these concepts a lot more. So is the story of when I first heard the analogy of Indigo Children. It was during my family court custody battle. After separation with my wife. I was filing for regular access to my children and the ex-wife was having none of it. She employed all the usual tactics that scornful women use […]

Blueprint Autonomy Start Line [White Belt]


Welcome and congratulations on taking the first step towards an easier you.  Blueprint autonomy is a program I have developed to walk us down a path towards freedom, independence and autonomy from those things bringing us down. The first step is the most valuable and it will change life. There is a whole series of actions steps that follow on behind this one. I have categorized them to resemble the same colored belts that a martial artist would progress through towards their mastery of the sport. If you have trained in the martial arts before you will recognize how wrong my previously statement was – the mastery gained is of your mind and body. I want us to follow a similar path. If you haven’t trained in Martial Arts Mr Miagi has answers.   Premise to Step 1 – Distractions will lead you away from where you want to go. […]