Day: July 20, 2018

Top Jobs For The Future – 5 Minds Of The Future

brain jobs of the future

Hello there. Quite some time ago when my children were getting into those vital teen years I went on a search to see what I could figure out about the future for when. I wanted answers to my questions like, What were the top jobs for the future for them? What jobs exist today that won’t be around in 20 years time? What types of change can we expect? How do I best set them up for the future now? It was a big ambitious now I look back but I was going through a career change and a complete change in my life direction too (some people may use the term midlife crisis I called it divorce desolation) so I was subconsciously asking all the same questions for myself. I read a lot of social science books and I read a lot of psychology books. I read political science […]