Day: July 7, 2018

Adults who never grow up. Princess Syndrome Symptoms


Princess syndrome may conjure up images for you of a spoilt litter tiara wearing 6 year old girl stomping her feet demanding all sorts of ridiculous things from over-compensating parents. Sadly though the Princess Syndrome Symptoms (sometimes more commonly referred to as Princess Bitchface syndrome or Princess sickness) if not dealt with early will follow a woman into her adulthood. Some people refer to it as Peter Pan Syndrome when men are involved but some also refer to it as Princess Syndrome when the subject is a female that will not grow up. If you are married to one of these ladies or if you are work out how to manage one follow me on a journey into their dark world. What is Princess Syndrome It is not a clinical term. It is more of a social term so the word syndrome probably shouldn’t even be used. There is a […]