Day: July 6, 2018

Socialism vs Communism vs Capitalism

capitalism vs socialism vs communism graphic

The structure of society and government are two of the most important things a father can start teaching his children. This topic “Socialism vs Communism vs Capitalism” should be considered a basic building block to a child’s education which will lead on to some more pertinent questions in life, such as: Why do some people struggle to put food one the table while others don’t? or Why does daddy have to work so much? The following article will firstly explain the three in their purist forms but please remember that as soon as humans get involve nothing can exist in purity so what we see today in most western cultures is a mix of capitalism and socialism. Depending on which side of the productivity fence you sit on (net producer or net consumer) is which end of the capitalism vs socialism spectrum you will naturally find yourself leaning towards. Purist […]