Day: May 26, 2018

Masculine Traits vs Feminine Traits vs Cultural Trends

Good evening.  I started writing this post several weeks ago as a commentary on masculine traits vs feminine traits. Soon I came to the realisation that these biological (sometimes also referred to as primal or primordial) characteristics have been suppressed such much that I feared they would be far to foreign for you and the conversation lost. I have added the context of the cultural trends which I honestly believe create this situation where we are living in a duality (aka dichotomy) between natural instincts (our biology) and cultural trends.  Which are the standards/rules we tend to accept without question. The brain nerds call the primitive part of our brains the reptile brain.  It has been accepted for decades now that we all have certain shared brain programming that directly affects our personalities and our actions. Do you ever wonder why you do certain things or crave certain things that […]