Day: April 24, 2018

Do Men Have It Easier Than Women?

man woman easier

This question (Do men have it easier than women?) forms a small part of one of the biggest circular arguments dominating the public rhetoric in recent times. This is how the circle of confusion begins and then propagates itself into a state of self-propulsion, confusion and political power making: Women are equal to men and capable of doing everything and man can do (and more). Men have dominated women forever and women have been victimised therefore cannot achieve their full potential. Women need to be helped out of their victimhood by men. Women need to be sexually liberated, be free to sleep with as many people as they want to, never be held responsible for their actions and have sole control of all interactions that may lead to reproduction (and also the financial, social and material resources associated with the chose man). Entry standards into workplaces need to be lowered […]

Understanding The Effects of Growing Up Without A Father

importance of a father

Welcome to yet one of my more inspired posts. Today the subject at hand is the effects of growing up without a father.  Whilst a lot of the primary effects should be fairly obvious the plan is to dig deeper into the secondary and tertiary effects, the ones that are not obvious. I want to split up the conversation into two sections going forward Effects on boys Effects on girls Whilst these are all complicated and interconnected topics it pays off to also respect the differences between them. If you still believe boys and girls are the same you are about 6 months of posts behind the eight ball here.   Effects on Boys Growing Up without a Father. In most cases the scenario I am contemplating here is children growing up with an absent father. It may be directly removed from their lives through restraining orders or indirectly by threats shame […]