Day: April 20, 2018

How Does Moral Autonomy Differ From Personal Autonomy? Will either of them help you grow up?

A few of my more popular posts touch on the subject of autonomy and it appears to be a subject that raises eyebrows and invokes discussion.  In this article to want to break down the term and split it into moral autonomy and personal autonomy.  They are two subtly different concepts that can make a world of difference when helping you to either help yourself or your children. The first idea we need to understand is the difference between adult thinking and childish thinking (A concept introduced to me by Robert Bly).  Children see the world in black/white, good/evil, me/you with themselves being the center of the universe with everything and everyone revolving around them. Obviously not a philosophy that you can carry on into adulthood.  In adulthood (when done properly) the world become a sea of grey areas.  Good contains bad.  Actions influence outcomes and interconnection replaces a centralized […]