Day: March 6, 2018

Why Would Anyone Ever Ask The Hollow Question: How To Make A Man Need You?

making a man need you

A lot of single women are running around asking each other the same questions; Where are all the good men or Do you know how to make a man need you? Maybe once in a while an emasculated mangina type will throw his two cents worth in as well but to be perfectly honest neither group has insight into what a man is really capable of. My first reaction to this question is pretty obvious; Why would you want a needy man? The images go through my head of a dominant women dragging her ball and chain husband off to work each day. Where the attraction in that I ask you? And what happened to women being liberated? Apparently, this is one of the other differences between men and women that I just don’t get. I am told that new age liberated women want their men to be docile and […]

Peter Pan Syndrome In Women The Growing Trend

woman child

Have you ever watched one of those Bridezilla shows and seen the spoiled little princess brides stomp their feet on the ground and demand ridiculous things?  I reckon this illustrates the worst of Peter Pan Syndrome in Women.  Grown adults that can’t bring themselves in line with the real 3 dimensional world (the one away from facebook or instagram. Do these people ever grow up? The common stereotype that jumps to mind when someone says Peter Pan Syndrome for most people would be a 20 something year old man sitting in a bean bag playing first person shooter video games all night. Believe it or not but the Peter Pan Syndrome is not only isolated to men; like most things I write about once you scratch the surface a seedy underbelly presents itself. Having dealt with raising my kids through their terrible twos and also having to deal with my […]