Day: March 4, 2018

Does Misandry Mean Equality Or Is There A More Sinister Side?

Misandry does not mean equality

The word Misandry is not one you hear spoken out loud.  It is not even a word you see in the newspaper or written very often but the concept is one that I am hope to prove to you here is a big part of the culture you live with every day. Does Misandry mean Equality? There seems to be a coordinated orchestra of different groups all delivering their own type of misandry for their own benefits.  Even more scary is that what was once (100 years ago) considered extreme behaviour has now become mainstream everyday man bashing and a new kind of persona for bored house wives or want to be housewives. The Feminists Brand of Misandry Obviously, the source of misandry is radical feminism.  Your typical radfem would love nothing more than to see every man hung, drawn and quartered.  This article is not about extremes I want […]