Day: January 19, 2018

Equal Rights For Fathers! A Hidden Realm Of Lies.

equal rights for fathers

We are living in a time of never before seen turmoil in the realms of parenting and gender politics. Equal rights for father’s seems to be a topic that has been blacklisted from all public commentary. Fathers rights groups do exist but they are the source of much public ridicule. I write this article as a service to my children. I hope that one day you can read this and understand (in part) the world in which a father can be systematically removed from his children lives and turned into something more akin to a teller machine. My hope is that by the time you get to read this such a world is long gone. Fathers Influence Before Birth As we learn from Robert Briffault it is the female of the species who determines all the big family decisions. Females have a long list of rights when it comes to […]

The Women Liberation Movement Has Created An Unprecedented Freedom For Men

external world man

The women liberation movement evolved as a way for women to regain some sort of power they thought they had lost. I propose that it has also exposed a lot of truths about female nature and given a lot of men a higher level of awareness they needed to forge more independence never before seen in history. An unprecedented freedom. Freedom is a very adult concept that very few people contemplate. For me freedom is not the ability to get a home loan, buy a house and live in the suburbs sacrificing 40 years of my life to keep on top of interest payments on a house I seldom get to spend more than a day at a time in. Freedom should be the ability for you to break free from your ego, (including the influences of that collective ego created by everyone around you) and pursue your own personal […]