Day: January 12, 2018

What is Apathy? And who said it reigns supreme!

lazy leech apathy

What is Apathy? Have you ever had someone say to you that Apathy Reigns Supreme? It is a very “Dad” thing to say. I have used the term more than a few times to describe certain people around me. Read on and we will define apathy and see just how big an impact it has on people’s psyches. There were several inspirations that instigated this post so let me share a few with you and paint some context here. On the occasions when I do get to see my kids they come over and just wanted to sit down and have everything handed to them. The Expectations of Royalty According to them when it comes to entertainment they must be taken out to a certified play center (preferably endorsed by a reputable chain of official merchandise providers) with professional supervision so that they can be guided into the types of play […]