Day: December 23, 2017

Marriage Help for Men. Are You Trapped In a Nightmare?

marriage help for men

If you are a man and trapped in an unhappy marriage like I was you have more than likely have been isolated and articles like this one are the only help you can find. Marriage help for men tends to go along the lines of try harder, give more, stop being so selfish etc. If you receive that kind of advice ignore it, those people (whether male or female) do not see you as a human being and have got you pegged as some sort of robotic provider of strength and resources to your wife. I know that is not true, you know that is not true and anyone who sees you anything less than an emotion filled human being with needs and desires (same as your wife) can go and fend for themselves. Shame If you are a man what have grown up in a western civilization and married […]