Day: November 26, 2017

How Does Childhood Affect Adulthood? What Path Did You Take To Become The Person You Are Today?


If you have seen movies like “Silence of the lambs” you will be familiar with the thought pattern of serial killers being abused in their childhood therefore making them disturbed adults. As you became more and more familiar with this thought pattern you may have even wondered to yourself how does childhood affect adulthood more generally. What things happened in your past to turn you into the kind of adult you are today? Therapists will go through the motions with you but if you want to make any real progress in your self-examination you will need to put in the hard yards yourself. Here are a few directions you may consider taking. The Brain does strange things and I bet you never even take notice There has been a lot of work go into understanding the human brain. You may still think the same way we did decades ago “the […]