Day: November 13, 2017

Does social status mean better relationships for women? Female Social Hierarchy

female social hierarchy

This article is related to the female social hierarchy and it is a follow-on article from a previously one I wrote about the Male social hierarchy. The two articles really are complimentary and need to be read together, the true power of this concept is the comparison of the two. Whilst the male counterpart was focused predominantly on the male personality  this post “Does Social status mean better relationships for women”  mainly focuses on the question What does status status mean to women?  and  Does social status mean better relationships for women? Unlike the male social hierarchy (which is actually determined by women and stagnant from one year to the next); the female social hierarchy is extremely dynamic. Women can transition between the groups relatively easy; there are entire industries such as the fashion and makeup industries tailored to facilitate this transition. The driving factors which create all these transitions are mostly […]