Day: October 14, 2017

Some people never grow up? aka Peter Pan Syndrome

Manchild playing video games

I hear it all the time, “My, husband is an idiot! Some people never grow up.” So the question is – Do some people never grow up? Is Peter Pan syndrome a real thing? It never used to be a thing, my grand-dad would scoff at the idea of a grown man (or woman) acting irresponsibly or carelessly and thinking it was OK. Let’s take a closer look. I suspect this topic is going to raise a lot of eyebrows and there is a lot more to it once we scratch the surface. Three questions I have straight off the bat are: What makes everyone think this trend is confined to men only? Who determines, or what happens when someone is grown up? or an adult? Does being an adult have to be all doom and gloom? First up I think we need to explore what attributes best define adulthood. […]