Year: 2017

Why Do Women Like Rich Men – The Truth She Probably Doesn’t Even Understand Herself

women want rich men

I have the unique position of being able to answer at least part of this question based on my ex-wife’s court testimony.  In her insanity of the moment she let out of the bag a lot of truths to do with female nature that I needed the social workers, counsellors, psychologists and court veterans to explain to me. Apparently there is a world of well-known secrets out there hiding in plain sight and most men are completely oblivious to them.  Read on to see what sort of relevalations can be made when trying to answer the question why do women like rich men?   Female Nature I don’t think anyone will disagree for that majority of women her first priority in life (by a country mile) is to become a mother and she will stop at nothing to realize this dream. Obviously there are lots of other things in life but […]

Families need fathers – Did you/Do you have a father?

children need fathers

This is an article in response to all the public comments I heard in the mainstream media about women not needing men. I really don’t understand the constant war on men and public humiliation that news outlets or TV shows rain down on men. It reminds me of the saying my grandfather used to say to me “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”. Regardless of your political or social beliefs families need fathers and fathers need families.  Follow me in if you dare. Boys need fathers There is a lot of things that only a father can teach their son. I have two sons and it has been my experience that certain topics as a lot easy explain by a father than a mother and certain questions from the son will only be asked to the father. One of the most important roles a father has to provided in […]

Life After Divorce For Men – Do you have an intended direction?

Divorce choices for men

As a man that has been thrust into the world of the divorce industry for years now I see a handful of directions that men after divorce natural are attracted to. Life after divorce for men is a topic very seldom publicly spoken about. When the topic does come up it is all too common for the man to be told things like you are just bitter that the relationship didn’t work, give is some time and you will find another woman and your life will be better for it you need to get laid you need to try harder, improve yourself, get a better job, buy a house – it will all work out you should have seen it coming, she was a witch but not all woman are like that, get over it I hope you can see the problems with these trends. Here are the five common […]

Marriage Help for Men. Are You Trapped In a Nightmare?

marriage help for men

If you are a man and trapped in an unhappy marriage like I was you have more than likely have been isolated and articles like this one are the only help you can find. Marriage help for men tends to go along the lines of try harder, give more, stop being so selfish etc. If you receive that kind of advice ignore it, those people (whether male or female) do not see you as a human being and have got you pegged as some sort of robotic provider of strength and resources to your wife. I know that is not true, you know that is not true and anyone who sees you anything less than an emotion filled human being with needs and desires (same as your wife) can go and fend for themselves. Shame If you are a man what have grown up in a western civilization and married […]

Self Help for Men – Interconnection And Space Dust

I remember living with a girlfriend in my twenties who was a big reader of self-help books. Our walls were filled with posters of affirmations and her vocabulary was filled with self obsession. I put up with it because she needed whatever help she could get and it kept her focused away from destruction; but self help for men, that a whole new kettle of fish. There is undoubted a huge market out there of self-help products. While I don’t disagree that there is a great number of outwardly facing people who could do with a bit of introspection, pumping up their ego and telling them they are princess snowflakes will only amplify their self obsession leading to more problems. Don’t look for someone else to remove your problems; reading the mainstream types of self-help books is only going to shift blame from one external party onto another. What I […]

Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends Book Recommendation

There is a unique context that the authors of the Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends book have created. The analogy they use is that recovering from divorce is similar to climbing a mountain. Every person going through the experience has their own unique mountain that they are climbing alone but your mountain is made up of similar blocks to everyone else, they are just arranged uniquely. This book was recommended to me only a few months after my separation (before the family courts got involved) and at the time it was probably the only thing that gave me a direction to head. Laying down a process for recovery was critical for me and I think everyone can benefit a lot from absorbing this book. It is not the sort of book you just sit down and read, it took me several months to work through each chapter one by one. […]